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Count­ing down to your next Walt Disney World vacation can be just as fun as the vacation it­self. In my fam­ily, when we have a vacation booked, we make the days lead­ing up to it ex­tra spe­cial. One of the things we love to do is make a count­down chart. The kids get a kick out of mark­ing off the days. Over the years, we’ve used paper chains, dry erase boards, and stick­ers as ways to count­down to our vacation. But now, I’ve come up with an even bet­ter chart.

My fa­vorite kinds of crafts are ones that can be made from re­cy­cled ma­te­ri­als. This craft put my old, used K-cups to good use. I cre­ated a two-week count­down chart us­ing four­teen K-cups. In­side each cup is a note that will tell my fam­ily some­thing spe­cial we will do on our up­com­ing Disney trip. Not only was this craft in­ex­pen­sive and easy to do, it could be used over and over again.

For this craft, you will need:

14 K-cups, cleaned and dried

Disney-themed scrap­book paper

Vinyl Mickey heads (cut with a Mickey-shaped punch)

Num­ber stick­ers

Wooden Frame

Hot glue gun

14 slips of paper


Once you de­cide to make this chart, start col­lect­ing K-cups. As the only cof­fee drinker in my fam­ily, it took me some time to have a good col­lec­tion. When you have enough, clean each cup. Start by peel­ing off the seal. You’ll then have to pull out the fil­ter. This is the hard­est part, but try to get as much of the fil­ter out as pos­si­ble. Wash and dry the in­side of each cup. Next, get the notes ready. While I used ac­tiv­i­ties for our next trip on my notes, that’s not the only thing you can do. Other sug­ges­tions in­clude:

Walt Disney World Fun Facts A movie for each night lead­ing up to the trip Disney-themed ac­tiv­i­ties to do each day

Fill each K-cup with the slip of paper. Set them aside.

Us­ing a K-cup as a pat­tern, trace 14 cir­cles on the back­side of the scrap­book paper. Cut them out. You could also use a paper-cut­ting ma­chine for this step.

Punch 14 Mickey heads us­ing the Mickey-shaped punch. Place one on each cir­cle. In the mid­dle of the Mickey head, put a num­ber.

Place a thin layer of hot glue around the rim of a cup. Put the cir­cle on top and seal. Re­peat this step with the rest of the cups.

Assem­ble your cups on top of the wooden frame. Glue each cup to the wooden frame.

Count­ing Down to the Fun:

On each day of the count­down, punch through the top of the cup and pull out the slip of paper. When you’re ready to start the count­down again, peel the rest of the cir­cle off and re­peat the steps above.

Hope­fully, us­ing this count­down chart will make the days fly by. Your vacation will be here be­fore you know it!

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