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It may not be cho­co­late or roses, but for some, Valen­tine’s Vinyl­ma­tions are the way to the heart. Vinyl­ma­tions have al­ways been a part of ev­ery hol­i­day since their re­lease in 2008—and Valen­tine’s Day is no ex­cep­tion. Over the years, there’s been some great Vinyl­ma­tions to com­mem­o­rate the day, and even some fea­tur­ing Cupid him­self. This month, we are tak­ing a look at the Valen­tine’s Vinyl­ma­tions – through the years.

Way back when Hol­i­day Se­ries #1 de­buted in Sep­tem­ber of 2009, Dis­ney re­leased one of many Valen­tine’s Day Vinyl­ma­tions. While the Vinyl­ma­tion wasn’t your nor­mal red or pink, the design res­onated with col­lec­tors for the candy it fea­tured. Not only was the Vinyl­ma­tion highly sought af­ter for its design but it was a chaser too, which gave col­lec­tors an ex­tra in­cen­tive to ob­tain this rare Vinyl­ma­tion.

A year later, Valen­tine’s Day would be rep­re­sented in the sec­ond re­lease of the Hol­i­day Se­ries, but this time, it was a lit­tle eas­ier to ob­tain. The 3” Hearts Vinyl­ma­tion would be­come a reg­u­lar Vinyl­ma­tion, but for a Valen­tine’s Day fan—it was a must-have.

Join­ing the Love Vinyl­ma­tion in Se­ries 2 was a 9” Vinyl­ma­tion that brought back the days of be­ing in mid­dle school. The Vinyl­ma­tion fea­tured a Cupid design and was en­ti­tled “Love is Blind.” The Vinyl­ma­tion was a limited edi­tion, and would even­tu­ally gain in pop­u­lar­ity.

A few years later, Dis­ney re­leased one of its only Valen­tine’s Day sets that has ever been re­leased: The Valen­tine’s Day Lady and the Tramp set. This lov­able set fea­tured the iconic ca­nine cou­ple, Lady and Tramp—all decked out for Valen­tine’s Day. This set was very pop­u­lar, be­ing snatched up by both col­lec­tors and fans alike.

Fi­nally, the Eachez Viny­ma­tions took full hold of the hol­i­day in 2015 when Dis­ney re­leased the Valen­tine’s Day Mickey and Min­nie Eachez Vinyl­ma­tions. While the Mickey was easy to find, the Min­nie Mouse Vinyl­ma­tion was only in­serted at a rate of 1 in 10 boxes. This led to some scarcity, and there­fore made the Vinyl­ma­tion that much more de­sir­able.

Over the years, Dis­ney has re­leased a lot of Valen­tine’s Day-re­lated Vinyl­ma­tions, and the fu­ture doesn’t look like it’ll be too dif­fer­ent. As we head into the Valen­tine’s Day sea­son of 2017, don’t be sur­prised if Dis­ney re­leases a new Vinyl­ma­tion to com­mem­o­rate the hol­i­day!

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