Parks in the Parks

Con­ser­va­tion Cham­pi­ons PART 2

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Cal­lie and Lan­don Parks were help­ing their new friends Nina and Timmy get to a spe­cial ap­point­ment at Con­ser­va­tion Sta­tion in the An­i­mal King­dom. But when they ar­rived at the train de­pot, guests there were all up­set about a lack of wa­ter.

“Gus, what’s go­ing on?” Cal­lie asked. Gus looked af­ter the twins when Mom had work to do for her im­por­tant Dis­ney job.

Gus shrugged. “I’m not sure, but let’s keep go­ing. Maybe we’ll find out more in­side.”

Lan­don led the group down a long path. At the end, they came to a large

build­ing with a huge an­i­mal mural—con­ser­va­tion Sta­tion.

A cast mem­ber named Mindy was there to greet them. “Good to see you again, Cal­lie and Lan­don!” She gave them high fives.

“And you must be the win­ners of the con­ser­va­tion con­test,” Mindy said. Nina and Timmy nod­ded proudly. “We’re glad you’re here. Come in­side. I’ll be giving you a tour to­day.”

“Mindy, we heard peo­ple talk­ing at the de­pot. Some­thing about not hav­ing wa­ter? What’s go­ing on?” Lan­don asked.

“Oh, a crew had to work on the pipes that sup­ply wa­ter to Con­ser­va­tion Sta­tion,” Mindy said. “It should’ve been fixed overnight, but some­thing went wrong. It should be fixed by the end of to­day.”

She led the group in­side. “It’s im­por­tant to take care of our en­vi­ron­ment,” Mindy said. “One way that we help to con­serve na­ture is by tak­ing care of the an­i­mals here. Come on, I’ll show you.”

Mindy led the group to big win­dows where they saw an­i­mal doc­tors do­ing check­ups. “We take good care of all of our an­i­mals here at the An­i­mal King­dom. Sev­eral of the an­i­mals here are ‘en­dan­gered’. Do you know what that means?”

Timmy raised his hand, “Oh I do! It’s when there are only a few an­i­mals of that kind left.”

“Yes,” Mindy agreed. “So we pro­tect them here, let them have ba­bies, and then when­ever pos­si­ble, we let them go back to the wild.”

Cal­lie was fas­ci­nated watch­ing the vet­eri­nar­i­ans work. “I think I want to do that when I grow up,” she whis­pered to Lan­don.

But Lan­don was still think­ing about the wa­ter prob­lem. “A whole day with no wa­ter is a long time,” he said.

“Yeah,” Cal­lie agreed. “How are the an­i­mals go­ing to get a drink?”

“And what about the peo­ple?” Lan­don won­dered. “I know it’s just a short train ride back to the Africa sec­tion, but still… i t’s get­ting so hot out and…”

Sud­denly Lan­don stopped and tapped Timmy on the shoul­der, “Hey, we’ll catch up

with you guys later.” Timmy nod­ded, lis­ten­ing closely as Mindy talked about why bal­loons are not sold in An­i­mal King­dom.

“What are you think­ing, Lan­don?” Cal­lie won­dered.

Lan­don grinned, “I’ve got a plan that solves two prob­lems, Cal­lie. Come on!”

Lan­don knew what had to be done. But would he and Cal­lie be able t o do it in time?

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