Bake-at-home Pizza Recipe from Via Napoli Ris­torante e Pizze­ria:

Com­pli­ments of ex­ec­u­tive chef Char­lie Res­tivo

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This recipe will cre­ate two 8.5oz balls of dough that will make (2) 12-inch pizza crusts


3 cups flour (“00” or King Arthur bread flour)

3/4 tea­spoon salt

2 tea­spoons yeast (fresh brewer’s yeast or dry ac­tive yeast)

1 1/4 cup room tem­per­a­ture wa­ter

To Make The Dough:

1. Add the yeast to the wa­ter and mix.

2. Add the salt to the flour and stir.

3. Trans­fer the wa­ter/yeast mix­ture to a mix­ing bowl, and then add the flour and salt to the bowl. Mix with your hands un­til it starts to come to­gether.

4. Once the dough starts to come to­gether, trans­fer to a floured work sur­face and knead with your hands for about 5 min­utes un­til it starts to be­come elas­tic.

5. Di­vide the dough in half, form each into a ball, dust with flour, and cover with plas­tic wrap. Let it rest at room tem­per­a­ture for 1 to 2 hours, then re­frig­er­ate overnight.

To Make the Pizza:

1. Take the two dough balls and let them stand un­til they get to room tem­per­a­ture (about 20 min­utes). At the same time, place a pizza stone into an oven and pre­heat to 500 de­grees.

2. Trans­fer the dough balls to a large floured work sur­face.

3. Stretch the dough from the mid­dle to the edges un­til you get a 12-inch pizza crust. Re­peat for the sec­ond pizza.

4. Place one of the crusts onto a lightly floured pizza peel and add your fa­vorite top­pings.

5. When ready, care­fully slide the pizza off the peel and onto the pizza stone, quickly clos­ing the oven door (to re­serve the heat).

6. Bake the pizza un­til the bot­tom has a nice golden brown color and the cheese is melted but not scorched (about 8-10 min­utes de­pend­ing on the oven).

7. Re­move the pizza and let it cool slightly (just a minute or two) so that the cheese and top­pings set. Us­ing a pizza wheel or very sharp chef’s knife cut and en­joy.

Via Napoli is lo­cated in Ep­cot’s World Show­case in the Italy Pavil­ion. Reser­va­tions are strongly rec­om­mended and can be made up to 180-days in ad­vance.

Buon Ap­petito!

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