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One of the best snacks that you can find at Dis­ney’s Hol­ly­wood Stu­dios is the Car­rot Cake Cookie. Even though its for­mer home, The Writer’s Stop, is no longer there, you can still find this sweet treat at Sweet Spells.

The Car­rot Cake Cookie is af­fec­tion­ately known as “the mir­a­cle cookie” in my fam­ily. While you’ll feel like you’re in heaven when you taste it, the cookie was nick­named for its heal­ing pow­ers. We were hav­ing a not so mag­i­cal time the day that we ven­tured to try the Car­rot Cake Cookie for the first time. With­out giv­ing too many de­tails, it in­volved a child who was not feel­ing so well, a lost cell phone, and a rained-out Jedi Train­ing event. All morn­ing long our son was con­va­lesc­ing in the stroller. How­ever, as soon as I brought out the cookie, he im­me­di­ately rose from his lay­ing down po­si­tion and begged me for a bite. One bite of this de­li­cious cookie and he all of a sud­den felt bet­ter. In fact, he ended up eat­ing most of it. Mir­a­cle!

The best way to de­scribe the Car­rot Cake Cookie is that it’s very sim­i­lar to a whoopie pie. Two car­rot cake cook­ies are nes­tled around a gen­er­ous layer of cream cheese frost­ing. Each cookie is loaded with plump golden raisins and vis­i­ble trails of fresh carrots. The cook­ies are moist, al­most cake-like, but hold their shape very well. The sweet creamy frost­ing bal­ances the spice of the cook­ies. This treat is es­pe­cially de­li­cious when paired with a good cup of joe.

If you haven’t tried the Car­rot Cake Cookie, or are crav­ing one like me, you can eas­ily whip up a batch of these mirac­u­lous won­ders at home. I chose to use a box car­rot cake mix for my ver­sion. I made it spe­cial by adding in some fresh car­rot and golden raisins. You can also make the cake mix from scratch if you wish.

In­gre­di­ents: For the cook­ies:

Box of Car­rot Cake Mix

½ cup shred­ded carrots

½ golden raisins

For the Frost­ing:

8 oz cream cheese

8 Ta­ble­spoons un­salted but­ter

1 cup con­fec­tioner’s sugar

1 tsp vanilla ex­tract


Pre­pare mix ac­cord­ing to box di­rec­tions. Fold in shred­ded carrots and raisins. Line a bak­ing sheet with parch­ment. Lightly spray with cook­ing spray. (You could also use a whoopie pie pan.)

Make cook­ies by scoop­ing about ¼ cup of mix onto the parch­ment or into the pan.

Bake ac­cord­ing to box di­rec­tions (about 14 min­utes)

While the cook­ies are bak­ing, make the frost­ing. Whip the cream cheese and but­ter to­gether in the bowl of a stand mixer. Add in vanilla. Mix in con­fec­tioner’s sugar a lit­tle at a time. Mix on medium speed un­til well com­bined.

Let cook­ies cool com­pletely. Spread a gen­er­ous amount of frost­ing on the flat end of one cookie. Sand­wich two cook­ies to­gether to com­plete.

You can find the Car­rot Cake Cookie at Sweet Spells in Dis­ney’s Hol­ly­wood Stu­dios. En­joy!

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