Di­et­ing and The Drive for Thin­ness

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• Over one-half of teenage girls and nearly one-third of teenage boys use un­healthy weight con­trol be­hav­iors such as skip­ping meals, fast­ing, smok­ing cigarettes, vom­it­ing,and tak­ing lax­a­tives (Neu­mark-Sz­tainer, 2005). • Girls who diet fre­quently are 12 times as likely to binge

as girls who don’t diet (Neu­mark-Sz­tainer, 2005). • 42% of 1st-3rd grade girls want to be thin­ner (Collins, 1991). • 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of be­ing fat (Mellin et al., 1991). • The av­er­age Amer­i­can woman is 5’4” tall and weighs 140 pounds.

The av­er­age Amer­i­can model is 5’11” tall and weighs 117 pounds. • Most fash­ion models are thin­ner than 98% of

Amer­i­can women (Smo­lak, 1996). • 46% of 9-11 year-olds are “some­times” or “very of­ten” on di­ets, and 82% of their fam­i­lies are “some­times” or “very of­ten” on di­ets (Gustafson-Lar­son & Terry, 1992). • 91% of women re­cently sur­veyed on a col­lege cam­pus had at­tempted to con­trol their weight through di­et­ing, 22% di­eted “of­ten” or “al­ways” (Kurth et al., 1995). • 95% of all di­eters will re­gain their lost weight

in 1-5 years (Grod­stein, et al., 1996). • 35% of “nor­mal di­eters” progress to patho­log­i­cal di­et­ing. Of those, 20-25% progress to par­tial or full-syn­drome eat­ing dis­or­ders (Shiss­lak & Crago, 1995). • 25% of Amer­i­can men and 45% of Amer­i­can women

are on a diet on any given day (Smo­lak, 1996). • Amer­i­cans spend over $40 bil­lion on di­et­ing and diet

re­lated prod­ucts each year (Smo­lak, 1996). www.Na­tionalEat­ingDis­or­ders.org-In­for­ma­tion and Re­fer­ral Helpline: 1-800-931-2237 -This in­for­ma­tion pro­vided courtesy of the Na­tional Eat­ing Dis­or­ders As­so­ci­a­tion

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