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Sim­i­lar to CMV is par­vovirus. Par­vovirus, also called ‘Fifth’s Disease’ is a com­mon virus that can cause a flu-like ill­ness in chil­dren with a char­ac­ter­is­tic red rash on the cheeks (‘slapped cheeks disease’). Most in­fec­tions in preg­nancy do not cause an in­fec­tion in the fe­tus, but fe­tal in­fec­tion can oc­cur. When fe­tal in­fec­tion oc­curs, se­vere ane­mia can de­velop in the fe­tus that can re­quire treat­ment with in­trauter­ine trans­fu­sion. Preven­tion of par­vovirus is sim­i­lar to CMV with good hand hy­giene tech­niques. If there is sus­pected ex­po­sure, the ob­ste­tri­cian will de­ter­mine if there is a risk fe­tal in­fec­tion by a blood test for the mother, and if so will test with fe­tus with se­rial ul­tra­sound ex­am­i­na­tions for 8-10 weeks to de­ter­mine if there is ane­mia. Most fe­tal in­fec­tions do not cause prob­lems to the baby dur­ing the preg­nancy and do not ap­pear to cause long-term devel­op­men­tal prob­lems.

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