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Fe­bru­ary is Heart Month – a month we give flow­ers, candy and ex­press our love for those spe­cial peo­ple in our lives. As a health in­for­ma­tion mag­a­zine we fo­cus on mat­ters of the heart, but the heart we fo­cus on is the phys­i­cal one. The heart that, when ig­nored, can be deadly. There’s noth­ing wrong with get­ting caught up in the lover’s lane ver­sion of the heart. How­ever, our mes­sage this month stresses the need to bal­ance the phys­i­cal heart with the emo­tional heart – both are im­por­tant to a happy and healthy life. Sadly, bad hearts kill too many Amer­i­cans ev­ery year. Sad, be­cause so many of th­ese deaths could have been avoided by changes in ev­ery­day life­styles. That’s why it’s ap­pro­pri­ate for Fe­bru­ary to be the month for love and your heart. When you read the in­for­ma­tion in this month’s is­sue, you’ll see why it’s im­por­tant to love and re­spect your heart. An­other fo­cus in this month’s is­sue is can­cer. World Can­cer Day is Fe­bru­ary 4 and while hav­ing an of­fi­cial day is im­por­tant, one day out of the year to bring at­ten­tion to can­cer isn’t enough. Just as tak­ing care of your heart is a year round bat­tle, can­cer doesn’t raise it’s ugly head one day a year. It’s a year­long fight. Un­like tak­ing care of your heart how­ever, with can­cer, some­times no mat­ter how healthy we have lived, it can strike. The med­i­cal pro­fes­sion has made great strides in the bat­tle against can­cer, and while we can’t tell when, who and how, it will strike. We do know early de­tec­tion and di­ag­no­sis is key to sur­vival. Be­come in­formed about can­cer. It could save you or some­one you love. At What Doc­tors Know, we re­al­ize tak­ing con­trol of our health isn’t easy, but the re­wards are more than worth the ef­fort. Not only can you live longer, but the qual­ity of your life will be so much bet­ter. As al­ways, if you have any health ques­tions, send them along to our staff and we’ll get an­swers from our med­i­cal ex­perts.

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