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Wellness Update - - Advertisement - Steve Porter, MD Pub­lisher and Chair­man

There’s noth­ing more I can do. Per­haps the most dif­fi­cult words a doc­tor can say. If it weren’t for the pas­sion we have as heal­ers, those five words would cause a lot of good doc­tors to change their pro­fes­sion. So of­ten we are told to not get too close or don’t get too per­sonal. But we have no choice. Our pas­sion comes from be­ing able to heal and to con­tinue fight­ing for lives.

As a gas­troen­terol­o­gist, I see colon can­cer and its re­lated is­sues ev­ery day. Colon can­cer is the third lead­ing killer in Amer­ica. This year, nearly 50,000 men and women will die from colon can­cer. And as far as I’m con­cerned, that’s 50,000 to many. We have to fight ev­ery day to find a cure.

As physi­cians, we can only use the knowl­edge we have avail­able, but that doesn’t mean we are al­lowed to give up. Our ul­ti­mate goal is telling a pa­tient to go home and en­joy life. Ev­ery­thing is fine.

For­tu­nately, I don’t deal with breast can­cer. But breast can­cer is the lead­ing can­cer among women and nearly 40,000 will die this year from the disease. And, that’s 40,000 too many. Are we mak­ing progress? I’m happy to report that we are do­ing bet­ter. In the ar­ti­cle “Win­ning the War on Breast Can­cer”, Dr. Mar­i­ana Chavez-MacGre­gor talks about the progress be­ing made in Stage IV or metastatic can­cer. One of the na­tion’s lead­ing can­cer re­searchers – Dr. Chavez-MacGre­gor gives us hope in the war on breast can­cer and hope to find­ing a cure. But as a word of cau­tion, Dr. Chavez-MacGre­gor notes, “We need to do bet­ter”.

Join us in the quest to find a cure be­cause ev­ery day a life is snuffed out by can­cer. I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Chavez-MacGre­gor. We need to do bet­ter.

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