4 FAQS About Di­a­betes

In­sulin, kid­ney disease con­cerns com­mon

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1 Why should I care about blood su­gar if I’m go­ing to end up on dial­y­sis any­way?

You can pre­vent or de­lay the pro­gres­sion of kid­ney disease and dial­y­sis by con­trol­ling your blood su­gar and blood pres­sure. Stud­ies show that even if you’re late start­ing to con­trol your di­a­betes, it doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean you’re too late to pre­vent pro­gres­sion of kid­ney prob­lems and dial­y­sis. And even if you’re very late, you can still de­lay the on­set of dial­y­sis. Sig­nif­i­cantly fewer pa­tients need dial­y­sis each year, and this is de­clin­ing by 3 to 4 per­cent an­nu­ally.

2 Once I start tak­ing in­sulin, does that mean I’ll be on it for­ever?

It de­pends on the per­son and the sit­u­a­tion. Start­ing in­sulin can be just a tem­po­rary mea­sure to fix a short-term prob­lem, or it can be long-term. The good news is that two-thirds of pa­tients who are newly di­ag­nosed with di­a­betes and have been started on in­sulin can re­vert to other med­i­ca­tions as long as they fol­low a pro­gram of diet and ex­er­cise.

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