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At this stage, no one knows what ex­actly will change but there’s a pretty fair idea that the Repub­li­cans and Pres­i­dent-elect Trump do in­tend to re­peal Oba­macare. The leg­is­la­tion has had its fair share of chal­lenges and prob­lems, and many have com­plained about the ris­ing costs of pre­mi­ums, un­af­ford­able out-of-pocket costs, and the nar­row net­works plans pro­vided for.

Yet while the dis­con­tent for the neg­a­tive impacts of the ACA have sup­ported calls for its re­peal, polls taken since the leg­is­la­tion’s in­tro­duc­tion does in­di­cate there are ben­e­fits of the pol­icy that peo­ple do sup­port, such as:

Tax cred­its for small busi­nesses to buy in­sur­ance Clos­ing the Medi­care dru ben­e­fit dough­nut hole Ex­ten­sion of de­pen­dent cov­er­age to off­spring up to age 26 Ex­pand­ing Med­i­caid Ban on ex­clu­sions for pre­ex­ist­ing con­di­tions Em­ployer man­date

What hap­pens to Oba­macare in the next pres­i­den­tial term is still any­one’s guess, how­ever peo­ple can ex­pect that the US health­care sys­tem is un­likely to re­turn to what it was pre-ACA. The In­di­vid­ual Man­date, penalty for not hav­ing com­pli­ant health cov­er­age, has been the big­gest is­sue Amer­i­cans have with Oba­macare - how­ever it may just be the big­gest fac­tor in fund­ing the ben­e­fits above that peo­ple do sup­port.

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