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Ex­plod­ing with color

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For Mon­tana pain­ter Gary Lynn Roberts it al­ways come down two things: faith and fam­ily. “Those are the driv­ing forces be­hind my work. They are what de­fine me,” the Hamil­ton-based pain­ter and fa­ther of four says. “With my art, I be­lieve it all comes from God, and one thing God has blessed me with is an imag­i­na­tion. I’ll just be driv­ing down the road and see a paint­ing. I never have a short­age of ideas. I’ll need 15 lives to paint ev­ery­thing in my head.”

Roberts has a new show open­ing Au­gust 23 at Le­gacy Gallery’s lo­ca­tion in Jack­son Hole, Wy­oming. The show will present nearly a dozen new works that ex­em­plify Roberts’ un­mis­tak­able paint­ings: large works with mul­ti­ple fig­ures within ex­pan­sive land­scapes, com­po­si­tions that com­mu­ni­cate the mag­nif­i­cent size and scope of the Amer­i­can wilder­ness, and scenes rich with color. “I want them to be ex­plod­ing with color,” Roberts says, adding that he fre­quently pushes color to its break­ing point to find help tell his sto­ries.

“Some­times I know I’ve gone too far be­cause I push the en­ve­lope un­til I go ouch and then I back it up a bit. I’ve spent my whole life study­ing color, color in­ten­sity, value, color com­ple­ments… with­out the knowl­edge you can’t do it,” he says, point­ing to a work like the cow­boy scene Light­hearted Con­ver­sa­tion, with its lay­ers of land­scape fram­ing his hu­man and horse sub­jects. “For this one, with­out the red—that sorta soft peach—in the mid­dle-left moun­tain, the far moun­tain wouldn’t look right. Col­ors are meant to be com­ple­ments, and that peach color helps me punch up the color of the color be­hind it. It makes my blue look bluer.”

He con­tin­ues: “I also think it’s im­por­tant for the worlds I’m paint­ing to have a lived-in feel to them. It has to feel be­liev­able. My cow­boys are of­ten the stars, and the land­scapes are the co-stars. But they all work to­gether to tell a story,” he says. “For Light­hearted Con­ver­sa­tion, what could be bet­ter than the com­pany of your good friend and the moun­tains to wan­der on horse­back? In this scene, two friends carry on light­hearted con­ver­sa­tion as the horses cross where the river shal­lows. It’s hard to imag­ine life any bet­ter than this!”

Other works in the show in­clude The Crooked Trail. Of the paint­ing he says, “The great North­west cre­ated many chal­lenges for the Na­tive Amer­i­cans who in­hab­ited the re­gion. This paint­ing de­picts a party of war­riors dressed in the vi­brant col­ors of bat­tle as they trek a crooked moun­tain trail to de­fend their home­land.”

Roberts’ show con­tin­ues through Septem­ber 2.

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The Crooked Trail, oil, 50 x 60”

Na­tive Beauty, oil, 50 x 40”

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