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Two-artist show

The Utah land­scape takes cen­ter stage dur­ing the ex­hi­bi­tion Point of View at Mod­ern West Fine Art in Salt Lake City. On dis­play will be the works of hus­band-and­wife artists Tom Judd and Kiki Gaffney, whose dy­namic pieces high­light their in­di­vid­ual in­ter­pre­ta­tions of the land.

Lib­erty Blake, cu­ra­tor of the show, says, “Judd orig­i­nally from Utah, now re­sid­ing in Philadel­phia, re­turns to the places he once knew. Through his work he ex­plores vis­ual me­mories, cre­at­ing nos­tal­gic paint­ings that evoke the ex­pe­ri­ence of a past re­al­ity. Col­laged and lay­ered, they call to mind a care­fully made scrap­book, both ten­der and per­sonal. Gaffney grew up in Penn­syl­va­nia and ex­pe­ri­ences Utah as a vis­i­tor. She ap­proaches her work with a care­ful at­ten­tion to de­tail ex­am­in­ing the en­vi­ron­ment, of­ten see­ing things for the first time. Her work shows a new and un­fa­mil­iar land­scape in sharp fo­cus, much like a vis­ual jour­ney that cap­tures the specifics and ad­ven­ture of a nice piece.”

For nearly the past 10 years dur­ing the late sum­mer, Judd, Gaffney and their 11-year-old daugh­ter, Astrid, have vis­ited Utah as a fam­ily. They ar­rive in Salt Lake City, fly­ing over­top the Wasatch Moun­tains and land­ing near the Salt Lake be­fore pack­ing up a rental car and head­ing to Cas­tle Val­ley, which is near Moab.

“As artists, Kiki and I are al­ways talk­ing about it. The land­scape. We take pho­to­graphs and hike and walk and drive. It is a vast and haunted place,” says Judd. “We re­turn to Philadel­phia with our minds full of im­agery and ideas that get in­ter­preted through the fil­ter of our artis­tic vi­sions. We work in the same stu­dio so we can see what we are both do­ing on a day-to-day ba­sis. What’s re­ally so in­ter­est­ing is how our vi­sions are so dif­fer­ent. Kiki delves into it with an eye for the de­tail, the ges­tures de­fined in tiny lines. Me­thod­i­cal, even med­i­ta­tive in their process. I am al­most the op­po­site in my ap­proach; sweep­ing, quick, on the verge of falling apart at times. To­gether we present these dif­fer­ent in­quiries. What they have in com­mon is the pro­found sense of scale and the prim­i­tive na­ture of their ex­is­tence, and per­haps our ex­is­tence...”

Among Judd’s paint­ings is San Juan’s, which was de­rived from a pho­to­graph he took of the view of the San Juan Moun­tains from the house they stay in while in Cas­tle Val­ley. “I loved it for both the light­ing, where the whole moun­tain is in shadow, and of course the view is so dra­matic,” he says. “The view re­minds me of grow­ing up on the foothills of Mt. Olym­pus in Salt Lake City; it looks and feels a lot like the back­yard of our house back then.”

Hav­ing only fo­cused on land­scape in her art for a few years, Gaffney has al­ways found her­self in­ter­ested in nat­u­ral and or­ganic forms and how they be­come ob­jects used for in­for­ma­tion or di­rec­tion. A trip to Utah be­gan the tran­si­tion to

the sub­ject mat­ter, as she thought about “jux­ta­pos­ing the phys­i­cal land­scape with pat­terned im­agery.”

Fallen Aspens #3 is a close-up of the trees as they lie on the ground amongst bil­low­ing green leaves. She says, “The im­agery it­self is about bring­ing at­ten­tion to the sub­tle beauty of how these nat­u­ral struc­tures trans­form and even­tu­ally de­com­pose. I wanted to make the fo­cal point the nat­u­ral oc­cur­rences that may gen­er­ally go un­no­ticed and high­light the beauty in the or­ganic lines and shapes that re­sults. Again, it is along the idea of bring­ing rev­er­ence to some­thing that may not nor­mally re­ceive at­ten­tion.”

Point of View opens Novem­ber 16 and will hang through Jan­uary 12, 2019.

Kiki Gaffney, The Val­ley, oil, graphite and gold leaf on wood panel, 25 x 25”

Tom Judd, En Casa, oil on panel, 24 x 40”

Kiki Gaffney, Fallen Aspens #3, oil and graphite on wood panel, 18 x 18”

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