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Oh how things change. This entire pandemic began with us receiving email after email from galleries, fairs and auctions about events being cancelled or postponed. And not just any events. Some of our favorites. The kind where we attend each year to catch up with all our friends, collectors and artists to find out what’s happening in their world. It felt odd not attending these events and it made us appreciate them even more. God knows, once this is all over, our schedules will be busier than ever, and this is music to our ears!

And now, the emails we are getting are reading in the exact opposite way. They shine with glimmers of hope as they announce galleries reopening and being filled with new works created by artists during these challengin­g times. Just as we felt remorse thinking about all the people we would miss as these events were being cancelled, we now feel genuine excitement and enthusiasm about planned shows actually happening, about art fairs and auctions being held across the country, and about being able to see all this new work in galleries from coast to coast.

We’ve been speaking with artists and galleries during the past four months, and we know it hasn’t been easy to create art. Times like this are filled with trepidatio­n and anxiety and don’t often produce the best emotional environmen­t to be creative. But we know the artists out there have still managed, have still turned the lights on in their studios and painted what matters to them, have stayed true to their calling and produced beautiful and significan­t work despite these conditions, have proven the human spirit—and the creative one at that—can rise above any circumstan­ce and achieve successes.

We applaud all the galleries, artists, fairs and auction houses that have persevered through this challengin­g time. And it warms our hearts to know that this hard work will be paid off now that doors are opening and new works of art are available for all us to enjoy and cherish.

P.S. Don’t forget that you can see even more new work directly on our website. Just visit www.westernart­collector.com and find work for your collection­s!

 ??  ?? Sincerely,
Joshua Rose Editor
Sincerely, Joshua Rose Editor

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