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acclaimed Balcones Distilling.

Collectors can see the extent of Settles’ abilities in pieces like West Texas Rain, depicting heavy rain clouds cascading onto a desert landscape. “We can all see the sky move but only the good steward sees the land move, sees it inhale and exhale with the seasons,” he says. “This is a testament to the promise of the land, with attention and care, all scars will heal. I intend to capture the spirit of the land through the light that dances across its raw and unbridled truth.”

Another remarkable piece, She Stands Alone, features both the gorgeous sky Settles is known for, along with a stand-alone longhorn in a grassy field. “I see cattle as old spirits, an embodiment of the West and a memory that will never fade,” he adds. “I am trying to tell a story with my work, one that speaks of the grandeur of this land and the people strong enough to work its soil. This is the West.”

Selected works have been acquired by Stone Oak Methodist Hospital in San Antonio. Current works have been acquired in private collection­s alongside Porfirio Salinas, Robert Wood, Jose Vives-atsara, Santa Duran, R.D. Enright and Julian Onderdonk.

 ??  ?? She Stands Alone, oil on panel, 36 x 48”
She Stands Alone, oil on panel, 36 x 48”

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