Western Art Collector

Fall is in the air!

- Sincerely, Wendie Martin & Adolfo Castillo Publishers

Welcome to the October issue of Western Art Collector! Fall is an amazing time to capture movement and light from the high contrasts of the season. It is as if nature herself painted the canvas of fall, a unique attribute to this season. It is no wonder this is the season for top gallery shows! In this issue we showcase many of the largest gallery shows of the year. The artists read like a Hollywood Western movie. We have Legacy Galleries’ Kyle Polzin and Z.S. Liang show this month. Moving through the pages you will see a preview for Blue Rain Gallery’s Doug West show and Insight Gallery’s John Coleman show. All in October!

The spirit of collecting is full of life this October. And speaking of life measured in years, our entire team would like to congratula­te Maxwell Alexander Gallery on its 10-year anniversar­y. They are having a major show on October 14 and 15 and you can find a preview inside. Many of our partners and galleries have hit the 10-year mark, and some have gone well beyond that. Western Art Collector celebrates these milestones in our community. We, ourselves are in our 15th year and we will be celebratin­g in our January issue. Happy anniversar­y!

Western Art Collector also supports our many museums. It is a real treasure that so many historic Western paintings and sculptures can be seen at museums across the country. Starting on Page 78 is our Western Museum Directory. This guide was created for you to plan your museum experience­s. Be warned, you will most likely want to see more than you have time for, especially when you see the exhibition­s that are open now or will be opening soon. It is a good time to be a Western art collector! Enjoy!

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