Western Art Collector

Diana Ferguson



Phoenix, AZ, (262) 374-2984

Diana Ferguson enjoys the elegance of off-loom bead weaving, particular­ly geometric and architectu­ral beadwork, as seen in a one-of-a-kind brooch. She finds harmony and serenity in the simple movements of stitching and values the way she can fully immerse herself in the creative process as needle passes through beads over and over again. While the end result of her efforts may remain in play until the piece announces itself done, she is certain the outcome will contain beauty. When advising collectors, Ferguson suggests they take the time to delve into not only the past but the present history of beadwork. “There’s a delightful amount of innovation available to discover in contempora­ry iterations of this age-old art form,” says the artist. Pictured here is Splendifer­ous, a one-of-a-kind brooch with glass cylinder beads and monofilame­nt thread and hand-blown glass focal.

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