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Welcome to our March issue, which is issue No. 199! One issue away from No. 200 and we have some super cool design refreshes coming in the next issue, so stay tuned. March always launches us straight into the travel season. As I prepare to write about Western landscapes (it is the biggest section of the year), I am making a detour to talk about all of the destinatio­ns that Adolfo Castillo, executive editor Michael Clawson and myself are headed to in the coming months. The headline “Meet Your Favorite Western Artist This Month” is not in jest. If you would like to buy a piece from a paint-out, watch a quick-finish, attend an auction, see mermaids (well, they aren’t exactly Western but we will get there), or attend award-winning museum shows, then March is your month and our calendar lights the trail for your planning. Get ready to mark days on your calendar.

The Briscoe Western Art Museum’s Night of the Artist is a favorite March event of ours and Michael Clawson will once again be moderating the Collector’s Summit as part of this year’s show. This year’s exhibition will have many of the biggest names in Western art in attendance. March in Montana and The Russell in Great Falls, Montana, will be attended by Adolfo. There are hundreds of artists and dealers descending on Great Falls in March. And stop by our favorite watering hole, the Sip ’N Dip with its famous mermaids. We have always had artist sightings while we’re there. The Heritage Inn will host both

The Russell and the Out West Art Show & Sale, and we’re expecting to see so many artists and collectors at both shows.

Then, in Arizona, don’t forget about Cowgirl Up! at Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg. There will be a team from Western Art

Collector attending that show as well. This includes Adolfo and Robin Castillo, Michael, myself and several others from our team. We write about these shows so you won’t miss an opportunit­y to buy art and meet artists, so please take a look at our calendar of events for more informatio­n. Don’t miss these gold-rush opportunit­ies to experience artistic energy. Each show is a must-see for collectors.

Wendie Martin and Adolfo Castillo Publishers

P.S. We are almost up to 250 episodes on our podcast, the American Art Collective. We have convenient­ly categorize­d each show so you can find top Western artists and listen to their stories our podcast feed. There is nowhere else to hear these in-depth stories, so tune into the American Art Collective each week.

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