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Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions are de­fined as items re­lat­ing di­rectly to fac­tors that lead to food-borne ill­ness and must be cor­rected im­me­di­ately. Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions are de­fined as items that re­late to main­te­nance of food op­er­a­tions and clean­li­ness.

March 13 Miss Mary’s 468 Gen­try Blvd., Gen­try

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Em­ployee made bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food. Items in the salad sta­tion were not at 41 de­grees or be­low.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Olives were stored in sin­gle-use con­tain­ers, re­peat vi­o­la­tion. Floor in walk-in is rusty and no longer in good con­di­tion.

Su­per Donuts 280 S. Arkansas 59, Gen­try

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Sticks and strainer for mak­ing donuts need clean­ing. Food items were not date marked as needed. Ev­i­dence of mice in es­tab­lish­ment.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Ar­eas where ev­i­dence of mice was found need re­pair and clean­ing. Food per­mit was not posted in customer view.

The Sta­tion 400 S. Gen­try Blvd., Gen­try

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Items were not date marked as needed, re­peat vi­o­la­tion.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Ther­mome­ters in the hot case were in­con­sis­tent.

March 15

Gen­try Head Start 206 S. Giles Ave., Gen­try No vi­o­la­tions.

Gen­try High School Base­ball Con­ces­sions 1155 Pi­o­neer Lane, Gen­try

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Food items were not date marked as needed.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None

Gen­try In­ter­me­di­ate School 302 W. Sec­ond St., Gen­try

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: None Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Ice scoops were be­ing stored on bak­ing sheet pa­per on top of the ice ma­chine. A con­den­sa­tion leak is caus­ing ice and frost build up on the walls and ceil­ing of the walk-in freezer, re­peat vi­o­la­tion. Teacher en­tered kitchen and got ice from ma­chine with­out wash­ing hands first, unau­tho­rized per­son­nel are not al­lowed in the kitchen.

Sub­way 183 Rebecca St., Gen­try

Crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: San­i­tizer is not dis­pens­ing from the pre­mix unit at three-com­part­ment sink. Some food items were not at 41 de­grees or be­low in the walk-in cooler, re­peat vi­o­la­tion.

Non­crit­i­cal vi­o­la­tions: Em­ploy­ees were not wear­ing proper hair re­straints. Ice has built up along the walk-in door and door frame.

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