Work on the place is sure pleas­ant

Westside Eagle-Observer - - OPINION - By Bill Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area au­thor of this weekly col­umn. Opin­ions ex­pressed are those of the au­thor.

The weeds are glo­ri­ous! They are sprout­ing up in ev­ery con­ceiv­able bit of dirt they can find, cracks in rocks and even one in the bark of the old tree. The weed and feed that has been ap­plied to our yard for at least the past 10 years is feed­ing the things just great! The grass is not show­ing due to the heavy cover of weeds, hen­bit is the very worse! OK, that rant was caused by the dis­cov­ery of hem­lock about to take over on the back side of the horse trap. I can’t get ahead of it, or at least I haven’t yet.

It is still cold out here on the rock pile. I am warm enough when working but, if I stop, I get those lit­tle chilly bumps all over my­self! I was re­plac­ing a bent post early this morn­ing. The sun was shin­ing and I got to sweat­ing pretty good. Took off my jacket and en­joyed the warmth of the sun. By the time I fin­ished tamp­ing in the dirt, I was damp on my top half and, be­fore I got back into the truck, I was shiv­er­ing.

We had to pen the steers and cut out three of them to doc­tor. One limp­ing pretty bad, one had a snotty nose and cough­ing, and the last one had some­thing wrong with his eye. We dug out a big thorn in the first one’s hoof, poured in lots of med­i­ca­tion and gave him a big shot of an­tibi­otic. The next one was snorty and stupid when we tried to get him up the al­ley into the chute. He must have re­mem­bered a trip through here be­fore. Any­way, he was gen­tly coaxed into the chute and given some good an­tibi­otic too.

The calf with the bad eye is a mys­tery. I couldn’t find any rea­son for him to be in mis­ery. It didn’t look like any­thing was in the eye, not any in­jury I could see, and so we cleaned it out with nor­mal saline wa­ter and used some pink­eye pow­der. We found an old eye patch left from years ago in the med box and glued that over the eye. I sus­pect he will be fine, just have to wait and see. Turned them back out and hauled an­other bale to them. Wish it would turn warm and grow some grass.

Speak­ing of hay, it is get­ting pretty valu­able around here. I talked to some of the beef pro­duc­ers at the cof­fee em­po­rium this af­ter­noon and sev­eral are plumb slick out of hay. Oth­ers added they were down to the end of their stacks too. I guess we had to feed early last fall due to the dry weather and are still feed­ing long into spring, used more than we fig­ured on. That is why we never stop even when the barns are full. I can always find an­other place to stack hay, and hav­ing it out­side is bet­ter than not hav­ing any at all.

I bought some feed to be de­liv­ered, and I hope I did the right thing. I usu­ally de­pend on buy­ing sacked feed, all the same kind and mixed pretty ex­act. This new feed will be au­gured into the old grain bin in the feed room. I saved some money if the rats and varmints don’t eat it all be­fore we can use it. I will be antsy un­til we get it in the barn and I can see and feel it.

It is my opin­ion, and ev­ery­one has one, work on the place is sure pleas­ant, even the kind that makes a man sweat. We work steady, not in a big hurry, and some­times we have to stop for a breather. I do not like the dirty work of clean­ing out stalls and wa­ter tanks, but most of it is sure nice. What bet­ter could a man wish for? Fresh air, exercise and know­ing ev­ery­thing he does is mak­ing it bet­ter for his fam­ily and him­self is sure a good in­cen­tive. I am thank­ful for the way we live in this coun­try, and I thank the Lord for our many bless­ings!

Say howdy to a stranger to­day, open the door for a strug­gling lady at the gro­cery store, pay for a friend’s cof­fee or do any good deed for some­one. Makes the world a lit­tle nicer!

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