Sea­son of re­mem­ber­ing and kind­ness is upon us

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The time came to turn back clocks and give your­self an ex­tra hour of sleep. This is one of the dumb­est things hu­man be­ings have ever done. You can’t make any­thing bet­ter and you can make some things worse by mess­ing around with some­thing as im­por­tant as time. The men who de­cided and made the rules should be forced to count black cows in the dark!

We stretched new wire on the sixty and added a few new posts. The post driv­ing is a young man’s job and, be­lieve me, af­ter driv­ing one I de­ter­mined to let the young do it! I was achy when I got up and my shoul­der con­tin­ues to be stiff — golden age, I sup­pose! Good thing we added new wire be­cause it was about to fall to the ground in rust dust. I think it was put in dur­ing the ’50s.

The bred cows are sort of a prob­lem. We don’t want them fat and we sure don’t want them too thin, and the old hides are busy eat­ing day and night, gain­ing on the good grass. I find it pretty silly to com­plain about the abun­dance of fod­der but, gosh, what is a feller to do? We have de­cided to move the year­lings in and, while they are penned, we can trail the cows to that pas­ture. Lots of grass there, too, but not much Ber­muda. We will take ad­van­tage of hav­ing the year­lings here to weigh them and check for prob­lems that are eas­ily missed when not in the chute.

I en­joy feed­ing the bulls and watch­ing them. They get along pretty well, sorta like a bunch of Hell’s An­gels, but not fight­ing con­stantly. They will bump each other and then the necks draw up, snorts abound, and holes are dug for graves of the vic­tims! This bunch of bulls has not dam­aged any build­ings or fences and not many years does that hap­pen. The youngest fellers re­spect their po­si­tions and stay out of the old man’s way, and that is the only thing that keeps them as calm as they are.

I made it to the cof­fee em­po­rium early this morn­ing. It was rain­ing and I fig­ured it was a good time to visit. The ta­ble was in ses­sion and the sub­ject was the re­sult of the elec­tion. It is good to have a com­plete pic­ture of pol­i­tics, not only one party but all of them, and it al­lows a lively con­ver­sa­tion. We do have a ma­jor­ity of one, but the fellers are kind and never act mean­spir­ited to the other side. They did get pretty rowdy over the con­test for gam­bling in the state. Mostly, they wanted to go visit the es­tab­lish­ments when built but knew they had no ex­tra cash to en­ter­tain them­selves. I stayed longer than I re­al­ized and had to hurry to get back to work and fin­ish be­fore noon.

Fall weather and rainy days are upon us. We need rain to re­plen­ish the springs that run and to keep ponds full. How else are the fellers that sell rub­ber boots gonna stay in busi­ness if it is dry all year? My reg­u­lar boots fit nicely into the boots, but they weigh a ton at the end of the day. Old Dog rides up front with me on wet days and he smells like a wet dog. We just put up with it, a small in­con­ve­nience for the loy­alty and de­pend­abil­ity of a good friend.

It is my opin­ion, and ev­ery­one has one, the sea­son of re­mem­ber­ing and kind­ness is upon us and it is one of the best for all mankind. Smiles and gifts, se­cret de­liv­er­ies to doorsteps, cards to lonely folks and gath­er­ings for fel­low­ship and food abound this time of the year. We have that op­por­tu­nity now dur­ing this month and next, to show our true col­ors. Give and love are the two key­words. Give time, smiles, hugs and un­der­stand­ing and, as we all know, love is the most im­por­tant of all.

I crave turkey, cran­berry sauce and gravy!

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