Be­ing able to work is pretty good

Westside Eagle-Observer - - OPINION - By Bill Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette area au­thor of this weekly col­umn. Opin­ions ex­pressed are those of the au­thor.

Time and time again I tell my­self and any­one who will lis­ten how thank­ful I am for the life we live around here. I am sin­cere and grate­ful for so many things that I would never have be­lieved we would have 30 years ago.

I am still in awe of the cen­tral heat and air we have in our home. That was way off in the fu­ture when I was grow­ing up! And a pickup truck with a GPS for giv­ing per­fect di­rec­tions? A team pulling a wagon was our mode of trans­porta­tion, and we even had a buggy of sorts.

Here it is to­day and there are all sorts of things which are wrong with our world. Who would have ever dreamed we would need an or­ga­ni­za­tion to pro­tect wild an­i­mals and re­turn wolves to their orig­i­nal habitat? Who would have be­lieved we would need homes for chil­dren whose par­ents mis­treated them? Now, I am al­most cranky about so much of the pure old evil go­ing on around our coun­try. And it is about time many of us get cranky!

I don’t claim to have the an­swers to stop the fool­ish­ness but, fellers, we had bet­ter get a hold on it soon. In our own lit­tle com­mu­nity, we have had some break-ins and some steal­ing go­ing on in the coun­try­side. Our very own church house, and yours, has to lock the doors and keep rooms in­side locked as well.

So, let’s not go too far away from com­mon sense and de­cide to make some terrible weeds le­gal. Let us not host beer par­ties for teens, close our eyes to nasty stuff spread around as art or movies. I am not fool­ing around here, I want us all to in­sist our world stay de­cent! The end of the ser­mon.

The weather has calves with snotty noses and threat­ens to freeze up wa­ter pipes tonight and to­mor­row. We have been busy wrap­ping up lines and I have heat in the well house. My close rel­a­tive is not a happy camper when she turns on a dry faucet!

I had flam­ing turkey wings and hashed up dress­ing, but it is all gone and I could still en­joy some mashed taters and gravy! My close rel­a­tive made pies and cakes, and the off­spring also added to the ban­quet. We did not veer off from the orig­i­nal spread of turkey, dress­ing, cran­berry sauce and lots of sweet taters along with the Ir­ish. We had our fam­ily and some dozen oth­ers to help us en­joy the day. What a won­der­ful hol­i­day it was!

Cat­tle prices were down a tad, and I hope those sav­ing some to sell to line the pock­ets for Christ­mas make good. My culls are all sold and the steers are eat­ing all they can hold ev­ery day in the feed­lot. That is a lit­tle nag­ging itch there. We know what the costs of feed are when we send cat­tle, but we sure don’t know what the fu­ture holds. So far none of them have turned up their bel­lies to the buz­zards — another thing for which I am thank­ful!

It is my opin­ion, and ev­ery­one has one, be­ing able to work, pro­vide food for your fam­ily and be free to at­tend your choice of wor­ship is pretty good for us poor boys! We are able to shoot the breeze on the street cor­ner or at the feed mill, work on our choice of jobs and still go bowl­ing or see a movie or buy a bass boat. It’s sure a good place to live and raise your off­spring!

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