Test your knowl­edge of Christ­mas: What is fact and what is fic­tion?

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With Christ­mas and the many church ser­vices now over, it might be good to see if you have your facts straight and if you know why we cel­e­brate Christ­mas and what Christ­mas is re­ally all about. Be­cause so many tra­di­tions have been in­tro­duced into the holy day, it may prove ben­e­fi­cial to take the fol­low­ing Christ­mas Quiz to see if you know what is fact and what is merely fic­tion or tra­di­tion. Ed­i­tor’s Note: Since we have run this same quiz nu­mer­ous times be­fore, some of you may have be­come quite pro­fi­cient in an­swer­ing its ques­tions.

1. Christ­mas is the cel­e­bra­tion of what im­por­tant event in his­tory?

A. The first com­ing of Santa Claus. B. The birth­day of Kris Kringle. C. The birth of Je­sus Christ. D. The pass­ing of the win­ter sol­stice.

2. Je­sus was born on what date?

A. On Dec. 25, 0000. B. In the Jewish month of Kislev. C. At Christ­mas in the year 4 B.C. D. The Bi­ble doesn’t tell us the pre­cise date.

3. Je­sus of Nazareth was born in what city?

A. Nazareth. B. Beth­le­hem. C. Jerusalem. D. Chicago. E. The Bi­ble doesn’t say.

4. Who is­sued the de­cree that all the world should be reg­is­tered?

A. Cae­sar Au­gus­tus. B. Ce­sar Chavez. C. Quirinius. D. King David.

5. Who was govern­ing in Syria when Je­sus was born?

A. Herod the Great. B. Oc­tavius. C. Alexan­der the Great. D. Cyre­nius.

6. Why did Mary and Joseph make the trip from Nazareth to Beth­le­hem?

A. Be­cause God had promised that the Mes­siah would be born there. B. Be­cause they were on a win­ter va­ca­tion in south­ern Is­rael. C. Be­cause Cae­sar Au­gus­tus re­quired them to go there to be reg­is­tered. D. Both A and C above.

7. Why did Joseph take Mary with him to Beth­le­hem?

A. She was his be­trothed wife. B. Be­cause she was preg­nant and about to have a baby. C. Be­cause Mary, too, was of the house and lin­eage of David. D. Be­cause God told him to stop there on the way to Egypt. 8.What had God’s an­gel told both Mary and then Joseph be­fore they trav­eled to Beth­le­hem?

A. That Mary, while yet a vir­gin, would con­ceive and bear a child who would be called the Son of God. B. That Mary was with child through the mirac­u­lous work­ing of God the Holy Spirit. C. That this child was to be named Je­sus. D. That this child would save His peo­ple from their sins. E. All of the above. 9. When was Je­sus born? A. On the night Mary and Joseph ar­rived in Beth­le­hem. B. Ten days later. C. The Bi­ble doesn’t say. D. While they were stay­ing in Beth­le­hem to be reg­is­tered.

10.Where in Beth­le­hem was Je­sus born?

A. In a field. B. In the Beth­le­hem hospi­tal. C. In a sta­ble. D. In a cave. E. The Bi­ble only says that Je­sus was laid in a manger be­cause there was no room for Mary and Joseph in the inn.

11. Where were the shep­herds when Je­sus was born?

A. Fol­low­ing a star in the east. B. Liv­ing out in the fields near Beth­le­hem and watch­ing their flock at night. C. Look­ing for Je­sus in the tem­ple. D. Wait­ing for Mary and Joseph to ar­rive in Beth­le­hem.

12. What mes­sage did the an­gel give to the shep­herds?

A. That he brought good news of great joy for all peo­ple. B. That a Sav­ior was born for them in Beth­le­hem. C. That this child was the long-promised Mes­siah and the Lord God Him­self. D. That they would be able to find this child wrapped in swaddling clothes and ly­ing in a manger. E. All of the above. F. None of the above.

13. Who ap­peared with the an­gel on the night Je­sus was born?

A. The wise men. B. A whole mul­ti­tude of an­gels prais­ing God. C. A praise band and choir. D. None of the above.

14. What did the shep­herds do af­ter they heard the mes­sage of the an­gel?

A. Get back to work be­cause their sheep had scat­tered. B. They said noth­ing to any­one about see­ing an an­gel be­cause no one would have be­lieved them if they did. C. They waited un­til morn­ing and then went to see if the mes­sage was re­ally true. D. They hur­ried to Beth­le­hem and found Mary, Joseph, and the baby Je­sus in the manger just like the an­gel had said.

15. Af­ter they found the baby Je­sus with Mary and Joseph, the shep­herds:

A. Re­turned to their flocks qui­etly be­cause it was late and they were tired. B. Told every­body what the an­gel said about this baby in the manger. C. Glo­ri­fied and praised God for send­ing Christ Je­sus into the world and for send­ing His an­gel to tell them of Je­sus’ birth. D. Went back to their flocks by a dif­fer­ent route. E. Both B and C above.

16. Aside from Mary and Joseph, the shep­herds and the an­gels, who else came to wor­ship the baby Je­sus on the night He was born and laid in the manger?

A. Wise men from the East. B. King Herod. C. Simeon. D. The lit­tle drum­mer boy. E. The Bi­ble doesn’t tell us of any other wor­ship­pers on the night when Je­sus was born.

17. Wise men from the East came to wor­ship Je­sus:

A. Be­cause they saw His star in the East and knew it meant the King of the Jews was born. B. They too heard the mul­ti­tude of heav­enly hosts. C. Not when the shep­herds came but some time later be­cause Mary and Joseph were stay­ing in a house when they ar­rived. D. Both A and C above.

18. How many wise men came to wor­ship Je­sus?

A. three. B. five. C. About 100. D. The Bi­ble doesn’t tell us the num­ber, but it was enough to trou­ble King Herod when he heard why they had come.

19. Ac­cord­ing to the Bi­ble, Je­sus was born in Beth­le­hem and laid in a manger:

A. So we could ex­change gifts. B. To in­spire Santa Claus. C. To ful­fill God’s prom­ises to send a Sav­ior who would de­stroy the work of Satan. D. To suf­fer and die for the sins of all the world and then rise again. E. To make a way for sin­ful peo­ple to be saved and go to heaven when they die. F. All of the above ex­cept A and B.

20. Ac­cord­ing to the Bi­ble, God would like us to cel­e­brate the birth of His Son into this world by:

A. Go­ing Christ­mas shop­ping and giv­ing gifts. B. Spend­ing the hol­i­days with fam­ily and friends. C. Singing Christ­mas car­ols. D. Turn­ing back to God and trust­ing in Him to for­give our sins and give us ev­er­last­ing life with Him in heaven be­cause He so loved the world that He gave His only-be­got­ten Son to suf­fer and die for the sins of all and rise again.

The an­swers to the above Christ­mas Quiz ques­tions can all be found in the Bi­ble — es­pe­cially in the Gospel of Matthew, chap­ters one and two, and the Gospel of Luke, chap­ters one and two. If you wish to check your an­swers, a guide is also in­cluded be­low:

1-C; 2-D; 3-B; 4-A; 5-D; 6-D; 7-A; 8-E; 9-D; 10-E; 11-B; 12-E; 13-B; 14-D; 15E; 16-E; 17-D; 18-D; 19-F; 20-D

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