Je­sus, your ruin or your Sav­ior?

Westside Eagle-Observer - - OPINION - [De­vo­tion by Randy Moll. Scrip­ture taken from the New King James Ver­sion®. Copy­right © 1982 by Thomas Nel­son. Used by per­mis­sion. All rights re­served.]

“Then Simeon blessed them, and said to Mary His mother, ‘Be­hold, this Child is des­tined for the fall and ris­ing of many in Is­rael, and for a sign which will be spo­ken against (yes, a sword will pierce through your own soul also), that the thoughts of many hearts may be re­vealed.’” Luke 2:34-35

We have heard the ac­count of Je­sus’ birth in Beth­le­hem. We have heard the good news that He is the LORD God born into this world a true man that He might be our Sav­ior from sin and ev­er­last­ing pun­ish­ment. We know and have heard of His holy life in our stead, and of His in­no­cent suf­fer­ings and death for our sins. But how do we re­spond to Je­sus?

There are many who feel that they can re­main in­dif­fer­ent to Je­sus and His com­ing into this world, but this is far from the truth! When­ever any­one hears of Je­sus and His com­ing into this world to be our Sav­ior, this mes­sage has an ef­fect. Ei­ther one is moved to­ward re­pen­tance and faith in Je­sus Christ as his Sav­ior, or he be­comes more and more hard­ened in his sin and un­be­lief.

How do you re­spond to Je­sus? This is a ques­tion of great im­por­tance for each of us to con­sider; for, as Simeon told Mary, Je­sus’ mother, Je­sus was des­tined for the “fall and ris­ing of many in Is­rael” and He was “a sign” which would “be spo­ken against” (Luke 2:34-35). Je­sus Him­self said that He would cause divi­sion on the earth, even within fam­i­lies (cf. Luke 12:51-53).

Among His own peo­ple there was great divi­sion. Some, like Simeon and Anna, be­ing raised up from spir­i­tual death, be­lieved that Je­sus was the promised Christ and trusted in Him for sal­va­tion (Luke 2:25-38). But oth­ers fell and re­jected Je­sus, hated Him and even cru­ci­fied Him, caus­ing Simeon’s words to Mary (v. 35) to come true. Cf. Isa­iah 8:14-15; 28:16; 53:3ff.; 1 Peter 2:6-8. How do you re­spond to Je­sus? He can­not be ig­nored! He came into this world for you, and His Word has been preached to you! Are you, by the grace of God, moved to humbly ac­knowl­edge and con­fess your sins to the Lord and to trust in Je­sus’ holy life and in­no­cent suf­fer­ings and death for your par­don and for­give­ness? Or do you turn away from the cru­ci­fied and risen Christ Je­sus and con­tinue on in your sin and un­be­lief?

The Bi­ble tells us: “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eter­nal life in Christ Je­sus our Lord” (Ro­mans 6:23).

O Dear­est Je­sus, grant that we not turn from You or hide from You and con­tinue on in our sin­ful ways; but move us to ac­knowl­edge You as our God and Sav­ior, to have godly sor­row over our sins, and to sin­cerely re­pent, that we may trust in You and Your cross for our sal­va­tion. Amen.

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