I am look­ing for­ward to a good year

Westside Eagle-Observer - - OPINION - By Bill

I got the trac­tor stuck again this morn­ing. That lit­tle draw where we have stacked tons of rocks washed out. Yep, the wa­ter pushed the boul­ders down the draw and, even­tu­ally, we will have a mini Grand Canyon. If I learn how to land­scape, we will fix it up and start tours!

The off­spring pulled me out with the old hay truck. I was glad we had new worn-out tires on it and the old thing is so dang re­li­able that I hes­i­tate to re­tire it! I fin­ished haul­ing out hay in the home pas­ture and took the truck to fin­ish the hay­ing.

The rain is won­der­ful, the ground is wet pretty deep and springs are get­ting re­plen­ished. I did not con­nect the head­quar­ters to the county wa­ter, we just de­pend on the well and, when the weather gets dry, I worry. So many folks have drilled wells and so many ag busi­nesses have started that I sus­pect wa­ter will be pretty valu­able in the fu­ture. Be­sides, the rain is not snow and ice, for which I am grate­ful!

We sorted cows again last week and ran them through the chute to check them out. Turned bulls in with the lower end of the bunch and pre­pared the up­per end for AI insem­i­na­tion. I al­ways get ex­cited when we start get­ting the fall calv­ing cows ready to go. We have some good young heifers, and I am anx­ious to see what they will pro­duce. My close rel­a­tive en­joys look­ing at the heifers and com­par­ing them to the records so she can see from whence they came. Re­mem­ber, she was the top hand around here for years and she knew all the old cows.

I made it to the round­table at the cof­fee emporium af­ter noon to­day. The board mem­bers were fil­ing back in slowly af­ter go­ing home to badger their close rel­a­tives and eat lunch. I never be­lieve the tales they tell about their boss­ing abil­i­ties at their homes be­cause I know their next of kin too, and they are not very boss-able!

We talked about the state of the world, Rus­sia is a big topic and most of the fellers know how they would han­dle it and get it done fast! Pub­lic hang­ings are brought up oc­ca­sion­ally and would also work for cleaning out the swamp. I didn’t stay long enough to get it all han­dled as I wanted to get some min­eral out be­fore dark.

The feed store was full of fellers hold­ing ses­sion in the back. The stacks of feed in front will never be sold be­cause they have been used for benches so long the pel­lets have be­come dust and the ones with corn have meal in­stead. The owner knows and he is aware that it is good for busi­ness to be a provider of the gath­er­ing area. I find a dif­fer­ent bunch of fellers here from the cof­fee emporium, and the talk is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. Sub­ject mat­ter some­times co­in­cides but the an­swer to prob­lems is usu­ally unique.

I got the min­eral out and was home be­fore dark, which is still too dang early. My pickup dash is get­ting so full I thought about straight­en­ing it up but de­cided bet­ter. My close rel­a­tive will start on the sub­ject soon, as af­ter the ring­ing in of the new year she rings in the tax sea­son!

It is my opin­ion, and ev­ery­one has one, I am look­ing for­ward to a good year. The grass will start pretty soon, spring calves will ap­pear and we live in the best part of this old world! We have more than plenty, you can tell we eat good by look­ing, and no one is home­less in our neigh­bor­hood. I guess I should call it our com­mu­nity, and for that I am thank­ful. We give time and ef­fort to help our neigh­bors, churches and schools. Just look around and see how for­tu­nate you are! Most ev­ery­one smiles some dur­ing the day; you might miss it but you know they did it at least once! I, for one, am mighty glad I live here!

Don’t drive over any place that looks solid, it won’t be!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area au­thor of this weekly col­umn. Opin­ions ex­pressed are those of the au­thor.

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