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Supposed to rest on the first day, but our ox was in the ditch!

- By Bill Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

I am here to say it is a good life to wake up in the country — stillness and complete silence. The cars on the highway make traveling sounds all day, but for a while, real early, you can hear your blood pump. Then you can drink coffee and eat breakfast with the one person in the world you have chosen as yours — a special place, next to the glories of coming splendor!

The steers are looking better, but I gotta sell because the hay shortage is downright worrisome to us that are constantly overstocke­d. The feedlots are overfilled and no danger of ever getting into one this year, so I guess I will take a chance and go to the Oklahoma City Sale since they may buy wheat pasture calves even if they are almost too heavy. Here I am in the position of a between a rock and a poor cattle operation again! It has happened before, and it will again; tighten the belt and be nice to the banker!

We will gather the steers on Thursday as the semis will be here Friday morning. It is a tough thing to send mixed sizes and know the market is worse than big box store prices. I spent some time at the sale barn this week and it was sad, big pretty pairs with a settled cow going for bargain prices. We continue to follow the plan and keep on with our breeding itinerary for better stock. We are cutting more hay and even found some uncut acres to lease so we will make it with this plan.

The boys are cutting and baling, so the cattle business is all mine at the time. They usually check fences and see about the water for several pastures, so I am busier than a hen with new chicks and in a rainstorm!

We did see to it to make church on Sunday, not dressed so nice and sorta late, but we were there. The ladies all gathered up and were going to lunch somewhere as we men returned to the work at hand! Our female offspring was with them as her other half was driving the hay truck!

The weather is perfect for all we are doing, and I guess August has given up on torture this year. We ate at the coffee emporium and had a quick visit with the round table boys. They contend that the last of the month is better when the first belongs to the devil himself! George Afton was holding court and was very on point with his facts! Growing up in a more fashionabl­e neighborho­od has lots to offer for hobby farmers. We had to move on because work awaits and George was ready to expound on the state of the government.

I was glad to find no problems in the cattle, and the hay crew made good time this afternoon. They had to wait until almost noon to cut because of the dew, and then we went to church. You can bet on not getting much accomplish­ed when working on Sunday. Somewhere I read that you are supposed to rest on the first day, but our ox was in the ditch!

Yes, our cup is full and running over if you figure with reality leading you around the sorry things we deal with. Better them than many other problems — country boys like the country!

The days are sorta sticking together and sometimes we are just there, working on little sleep and lots of worry again. We are glad to do this, but the bed calls me much sooner than the boys run clear out of steam. I know what year it is, and everyone has to grow old if they are lucky, but I never let the young fellers know verbally I am spent!

Learned lessons this week are too many to list, but one important one is to buy a new tractor when you can. The old ones have so many things that go wrong! Thank the cooks in your house for ten o’clock meals and for picking up the slack around the barn! Do not gripe because the Boss knows all we say and He has provided for us!

I suspect target practice will resume and we all will look for that huge rack! Why? I don’t know — we all would rather eat a young one. I have an idea where my red long johns are and, as soon as I get time, I will check on them.

Remember the Alamo!

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