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We’re not a nation in decline!


My letter to the editor in last week’s paper had an interestin­g placement on page A5 next to the Liberty Under Fire “unsupporte­d comments” of Harold Pease, Ph.D. I usually read his opinion’s first paragraph and scan the rest. Today, I read it all and firmly disagree with his headline and story’s premise, “We are a nation in decline.”

Since our nation’s decline is only in the eyes of the beholder, then Doctor Pease’s eyes must not see all the good people doing miraculous things for other people in our towns, our cities and all across the globe. Even while fighting is happening on the front line in war-torn countries, good people are doing good things.

What’s up, Doc? I figure it would take about a week to investigat­e and gather the loads of facts that debunk all the falsities in the good doctor’s opinion piece. This is an example of the kind of lies that my letter referred to in last week’s paper headed “Egotism.”

The question now becomes what good people do about it. Like: do we ignore it and maybe it’ll go away? Believe the lie and spread its hateful message? Or maybe, just maybe, decide to investigat­e facts and distinguis­h truth from the false trail described by Doctor Pease’s story of woe is America.

My grandma once explained a false prophet as, “He’s telling us that we’re going to hell in a handbasket, but we’re not.” Honestly, I’ve not believed in a prophet of doom’s opinion since.

I believe in good people doing the right things. Good people act in honest and honorable ways to make our nation stronger and never weaken it by spreading lies. Here again, what would The Christ say about the one spreading lies to deceive unaware souls?

The New Testament Bible gives me that answer clearly. Christ stood up to bullies. He stood always on the highest of moral principles. By his courageous actions, goodness spread across the globe to combat anger, greed, lust, attachment­s and egotism then and now spread by very selfish people.

Like Christ, our nation’s Constituti­on considers every person a special individual. Check it out, for His and its words always place more emphasis on people’s welfare, peace and prosperity than any amount of wealth, or fame, or power or control over other’s lives.

Chose One: Money/ People or People/Money

Will good people from all sides stand up together for the facts to denounce this fiction? The truth is that honest folks are standing taller and telling these insane insurrecti­onists that moral conduct grounds our nation’s democratic values.

Therefore, maybe, just maybe, this time in our nation’s history will find our country hiring honest politician­s speaking truths to lie in their fictional storylines.

Our country now needs clergy and all community leaders to stand tall for truth, justice and the American Way. Otherwise, our sacred rules of law can smother quickly and die beneath the stench of egotism and even Bigger Lies.

Grady Valens Sulphur Springs

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