Westside Eagle-Observer

STAFF REPORT Sept. 20 at Shiloh


7th grade

Set 1: 13-25

Junior High B

Set 1: 16-25

Set 2: 25-20

Set 3: 11-15

Junior High A

Set 1: 15-25

Set 2: 12-25


Set 1:8-25

Set 2: 14-25

Set 3: 11-25 “Shiloh is a really competitiv­e school,” said Gentry coach, Delanie Tipton. “They play volleyball yearround, and it is just hard to compete with that. We were able to keep the rallies long and keep the game interestin­g. Proud my junior high B team got one set off of them.”

Sept. 22 vs. Clarksvill­e JV

Set 1: 25-21

Set 2: 12-25

Set 3: 15-9


Set 1: 21-25

Set 2: 25-20

Set 3: 25-23

Set 4: 25-9 “Clarksvill­e is our first conference win so far this season,” Tipton said. “I’m proud of the girls; they bounced back after losing the first set to Clarksvill­e. Hopefully, that will give us the extra boost in the next couple of weeks as we start to get towards the end of the season and conference play.”

Tipton said that on “Saturday, Sept. 24, the junior high was at the Lincoln tournament. The girls took a while to ‘warm up,’ as they called it. They lost all of their games in pool play but won their first game in bracket and then competed very well against Lincoln in the second game of bracket. We definitely ended the day better than how we started it,” she said.

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