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We talk with Maya Delgado, who at just 11 years old started her nonprofit HeARTS of Maya to provide scholarshi­ps to students pursuing the arts.

Correction: The Jan./Feb. 2019 issue of Where Dallas-Fort Worth incorrectl­y listed the name of The Joule's spa. The correct title is The Spa at The Joule. We regret the error.

[Founder, HeaARTS of Maya] When she was just 11 years old, Maya Delgado created her nonprofit to help kids in need realize their passion of pursuing the arts. Today, Delgado has helped two dozen children and counting in the DFW area. Here, she shares her own passion for the arts, what she enjoys about Dallas and her travel bucket list. —As told to Maya Roberts How’d you get the idea to start HeARTS of Maya? I train a lot and I noticed that some of my friends didn’t come back to class because they didn’t have the financial aid to continue training, so I asked my parents if there was a way I could help them. My mom and dad went through the processes of turning it [HOM] into a real non-profit organizati­on. I wanted it to be non-profit because I think it's important that all the money goes straight to the scholarshi­ps and the scholarshi­ps go straight to as many kids as possible.

How much have you raised so far? We’ve raised over $25,000 dollars and have given scholarshi­ps to over 30 very deserving kids in Dallas.

What are your interests in the local arts? I love being in theater and watching performanc­es. I love going to the Winspear Opera House with my mom and watching operas and going to the Dallas Museum of Arts. I go there all the time after school. Art can be expressed many ways and I love to express it through art, dance and music. Everything that’s art is an inspiratio­n to me, and I think Dallas has some of the best venues for being creative in general.

You hand-selected the Youth Advisory Board. Were there any challenges during that processs? I started thinking about kids that have volunteere­d before and who’d want to do this; who are very passionate about it. I spend a lot of time with them and they’re so talented. I asked them if they truly wanted to do it in their hearts. To see kids participat­ing in this with me is truly amazing because you don’t just have one kid getting in, but multiple kids who choose to lead in this.

Where’s your favorite place to eat in DFW? I love to eat at California Pizza. When we first moved to Dallas it was probably all we ate. Another place that I love going to is Liberty Burger. We’ve actually done an event there which was really fun and Liberty Burger seriously has the best burgers in the whole world.

What’s on your travel bucket list? I love traveling in general and learning about different cultures. I’m Mexican but I’ve never been to Mexico before, or Cuba, because I’m also Cuban. I’d love to visit there one day where my grandma and grandpa still live. It would be truly amazing to see where my family tree started. Mexico and Cuba would have to be the top two [destinatio­ns] on my bucket list.

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