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The Perot Museum


This five-floor museum is chock full of so many great exhibits, you may feel you could spend 90 minutes in each of them, but you'll want to reserve that time for the Perot's newest, in the Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall. Here, those who love fine stones can drool over brilliant birthstone­s, jewelry, pieces in their natural state and the standout "Eyes of Africa," an "alieneye" fluorite from Namibia. Then there's the 5-foot-tall "grape jelly" geode and the luminescen­t "Aurora Butterfly of Peace," an artwork made from 240 colored diamonds and shaped into the form of a butterfly; it took 12 years to create. Among the states and countries featured in the exhibit are Texas, Colorado, Arizona, California, China, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Germany. 214.428.5555, www. perotmuseu­m.org

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