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Panasonic Lumix BGH1


Panasonic’s new Micro Four-thirds video camera is poised to become the next go-to device for filmmakers. Building on the GH series’ strengths—high-quality video, low image noise, and support for film-industry standards—the BGH1 is aimed squarely at video pros. It’s small, lightweigh­t (under 18 ounces), and screenless. The modular design makes it just as versatile as its main competitor­s: the Red Komodo and the Hasselblad 907x, both of which cost nearly three times as much. Sure, those cameras have larger sensors, but Panasonic is betting that, for many filmmakers, its little box is good enough. Netflix is on board: The company is reportedly sending the BGH1 to many of its showrunner­s. $1,998

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