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Rolling Smartphone­s


First came phones that flip. Now it’s time for phones that roll. No, these handsets don’t have wheels. Instead they have displays you can gently tug outward to expand the screen, like pulling plastic wrap out of its box. Two companies— TCL and Lg—showed off concept videos of phones with these scroll-like screens at CES. It’s likely that one will make it to market this year, though neither company made any promises. The perks are apparent. Last year’s crop of folding phones open like a book, but they’re thick and unwieldy when closed. A phone with a rolling screen starts out thin and gets big only when you need it. $ TBD

CONTRIBUTO­RS: Michael Calore, Julian Chokkattu, Scott Gilbertson, Lauren Goode, Jess Grey, Parker Hall, Matt Jancer, Adrienne So

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