Woman's Day (USA)

Put some “WOW” in your walk

Aim for 10,000 steps each day. Try these ways to step up your stroll:


Do a tempo walk.

“Warm up, then pick up the pace (conversati­on should be hard) for about 20 minutes. Drop back to an easy pace to cool down,” says Brian Zehetner, director of health and fitness at Planet Fitness.

Distract yourself.

Whether you prefer music, podcasts, or audiobooks, listening can help you walk longer. Says Zehetner: “Distractio­ns help you forget about the stress your body is under, and research shows that music can improve exercise performanc­e.”

Plan your route.

Work harder by walking up hills, or head to your local running track and see how fast you can make it around. If your route has fire hydrants, street signs, or trees, power walk from one to the next.

Transform the treadmill.

If your gym has safely reopened, hop on the treadmill and do intervals: Go at an easy pace for a few minutes, then jack up the speed and incline for a few more before dropping back to an easy pace. Repeat as long as you like.

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