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Go wild for flowers


How bouquets can give you a boost

Now is the perfect time to harness a little flower power! Treat yourself to a fresh bouquet, get into the garden, stroll mindfully and stop to smell those roses, or indulge in aromathera­py. Some floral essential oils may help tame stress, which is crucial for good heart health. Use a diffuser to fill a room with a soothing scent; add a few drops of oil to a spray bottle and then mist the air or your sheets; or dab oil on your neck, hop in a steamy shower, and say spa-ahhh. Here Ginger Ravencroft, an aromathera­py expert and the owner of Ravenscrof­t Escentials, shares her favorite flowery scents:


Sweet and fruity, it may help decrease stress by stimulatin­g the region of the brain that controls emotions and the central nervous system.


This increases the release of dopamine, a brain chemical central to good mood, and studies have shown that it could have antidepres­sant and antianxiet­y effects.


“It’s one of the most well-known and studied botanicals,” says Ravencroft. Lavender acts like a natural sedative to relieve stress, and studies suggest that it may help improve sleep.


With its lemony, sweet, woodsy scent, frankincen­se is thought to lower blood pressure and heart rate to produce a calming effect.

 ??  ?? Hangin’ with my best buds!
Hangin’ with my best buds!

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