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Save more with rebates!


Rebates are becoming a more popular way to save money while shopping—second only to coupons! Make sure you’re getting the most from yours with these easy tips!

Cash in on app rebates!

The newest rebates are offered via free apps and websites, such as Checkout51 (Checkout51. com), Ibotta (Ibotta.com) and Mobisave (Mobisave.com). Simply install the app on your smartphone and browse their rebate offers— when you find one for a product you want, just take a photo of your receipt and upload it to the app—you’ll get cash back almost instantly without having to mail in any forms!

●2 Find mail-in rebates instantly!

Mail-in rebate offers typically take longer to find since they tend to be spread out among coupon inserts, manufactur­er websites and in-store displays. But you’ll be able to spot them fast when you log on to free sites that have done all the legwork to collect the best rebates currently available! To get them, visit Coupons Dealsandmo­re.com/print able-rebate-forms, Living Richwithco­upons.com/ grocery-rebates-mail-rebatesbee­r-rebates and Refund Sweepers.com/onlineform­s.shtml.

●3 Combine rebates with a coupon!

Once you find a product with a rebate offer, read the rules to see if you can combine it with other offers. If you can, search for coupons for the product in store circulars and coupon websites, such as Couponcabi­n.com and Retailmeno­t. com, so you can nab two discounts on one item! No coupons available? Look for sales!

Keep track of mail-in rebates the easy way!

Since it can often take several weeks to receive checks from mail-in rebates, some offers can get lost in the shuffle when you’re handling several at once. The easy solution? Let the free website Rebate-tracker.com do all the organizing and tracking for you! Simply input the informatio­n about the rebate you’re redeeming, and the free site stores and tracks the informatio­n, making it simple to stay on top of where each rebate is in its process!

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