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Banana Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke. The last thing baker Hannah Swenson expects when she returns home to idyllic Lake Eden after her whirlwind honeymoon is to be drawn into a murder investigat­ion! But when her mother’s neighbor is killed, Hannah switches into crime-solving mode and must juggle her own complicate­d personal life with an increasing­ly dangerous case. Full of delicious recipes, the novel is sure to give sweet-tooth sleuths a lot to dig in to!

Kneaded to Death by Winnie Archer. Hungry for a fresh start, Ivy Culpepper signs up for a bread-making class at the bakeshop Yeast of Eden. Making an instant connection with the shop’s owner, Olaya Solis, Ivy soon realizes the recipe for success in baking, as in life, is having a good friend to count on. So when a classmate is murdered—and Olaya is a suspect— Ivy doesn’t hesitate to swap her rolling pin for a detective hat and track down the real killer!

Fudge and Jury by Ellie Alexander. Jules Capshaw and her confection-making crew at Torte bakery are preparing for the annual Chocolate Festival. Death by chocolate is Jules’ goal . . . until it becomes all too real when renowned confection­er Evan Rowe dies after sampling her famous four-layer chocolate cake! Can Jules uncover the deadly ingredient before another victim bites the decadent dust? Attention chocoholic­s: Be sure to check out the dessert recipes at the end!

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