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Clouds of love

When Woman’s World reader, Bev Clark, of Grants Pass, Oregon, prayed for a sign that her mom was okay, the angels answered in a most delightful way! She writes:


When my mother passed away, I was devastated. Realizing how hard it was going to be to lose her, before she crossed over, I asked Mom to please send me a sign.

“Just something to let me know that you are happy and still with me!” I wept.

My mother agreed, but after the wake, nothing happened, and I felt lost. How long would it take for me to receive the sign that she had promised?

A few days after the funeral, my husband and I went out of town to visit our daughter and grandchild­ren in Iowa. It had been many years since our last visit, mainly because my mother had been sick for a very long time, and as her caregiver, I just didn’t feel comfortabl­e leaving her.

“When I prayed for a sign, I had no idea how beautiful the answer would be!” Bev says

During the three-month visit with our daughter and grandchild­ren, we enjoyed many wonderful outings together. It was a great experience, reminding me of how important it was to spend as much time as possible with family and loved ones.

As we started our long trip back home to Oregon, my husband and I talked about how much we had enjoyed the visit.

“Family time is very important,” my husband agreed. “Your mother knew that, and she passed that realizatio­n on to you.”

I inwardly sighed, mainly because I still had not received my sign.

As we drove along, I closed my eyes and asked the angels to remind my mother of her promise, and when I opened them, I saw something in the sky that I will never forget.

I gazed, mesmerized, at a cloud in the shape of a beautiful angel, and there were three small heart- shaped clouds behind her.

With tears falling down my cheeks, I immediatel­y realized this was the sign from my mother. The three hearts represente­d my dad, my grandmothe­r and grandfathe­r who were in Heaven with her. My mother was letting me know that, like me, she had been busy, spending time with family!

I will never forget the lovely angel and hearts that I saw in the sky that day. Mom couldn’t have sent a more beautiful message of love.

“The angels’ signs are always on time!” marvels Doreen Vir- tue, PH.D. “Just when we need comfort the most, they bring us jaw- dropping confirmati­on of the eternal bond with our loved ones in Heaven.

“Bev immediatel­y knew the signifi cance of the angel and heart clouds, and good for her that she trusted this sign from above!

“When you ask for a sign of Heavenly love, stay open and aware— and be sure to look up occasional­ly, because the angels are famous for sending signs in the sky, as they did for Bev.

“Sometimes it may take a little time to receive your requested sign. But be assured that you will receive your loving sign when you most need it!

“The angels say, ‘ We have unlimited resources for conveying love between Heaven and Earth.’ ”

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