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The Trouble with Dukes by Grace Burrowes. When he arrives in London, Scottish soldier Hamish Machugh, the Duke of Murdoch, is a complete outsider—with a reputation for violence. Despite the rumors of his dark past, Megan Windham isn’t afraid of the mysterious newcomer and even agrees to help him learn something every gentleman must master: the waltz. But will they dance into each other’s hearts?

Someone to Hold by Mary Balogh. After a family scandal leads to a drastic change of fortune, Camille Westcott finds herself stripped of her title. Penniless, she leaves London and heads to the English countrysid­e to take a job teaching at an orphanage—the former home of her secret half-sister. There she meets art teacher Joel Cunningham, who’s less than impressed with Camille’s standoffis­h behavior. Can he break down her defenses before the scandal she thought she left behind in London comes back to haunt her?

Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas. Lady Pandora Ravenel is headstrong and ahead of her time: Instead of focusing on marrying a titled husband like other debutantes in Victorian London, she's more interested in starting her own business. But when she gets tangled up in a scandal—and her entreprene­urial ambitions make her a few enemies—pandora has no choice but to marry roguish Gabriel, Lord St. Vincent. As their marriage of convenienc­e evolves into a partnershi­p of equals, they must protect each other from a sinister threat!

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