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The nutty snack that makes your memory young again!


Firing up your focus, your smarts, your recall and your mood . . . you can do all that—and cut your risk of Alzheimer’s—by nurturing your neurons with these delicious foods:

1 Dark chocolate! The darker the chocolate, the more flavonols it has, and that’s important: A new three-month Columbia University study found that a high intake of flavonols reversed age-related memory decline in healthy 60-year- olds, restoring it to the memory of a typical 30- to 40-year- old!

2 Berries! Women who eat a few 1/2-cup servings of strawberri­es, blueberrie­s, raspberrie­s or blackberri­es each week are 35% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s, reveals Rush University Medical Center research. “Berries are particular­ly rich in antioxidan­ts, which may be why they’re linked to better brain health,” says lead study author Martha Clare Morris, SCD.

3 Beets! Inexpensiv­e ruby red beets are a top source of the B vitamins that your brain requires to quickly process informatio­n and sort through memories, Oxford University research shows. In addition, Harvard researcher­s discovered that beets are loaded with a natural antidepres­sant compound called uridine!

4 Nuts! Eating a handful of nuts (any kind!) most days helps keep your memory razor sharp, even after age 70! Their healthy fats, fiber and antioxidan­ts lower the “bad” LDL cholestero­l that a just-published study in the journal Circulatio­n reveals can be especially harmful to memory.

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