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An enchanted tea party for all ages!

Whether you’re celebratin­g a birthday, throwing a shower or marking any special occasion, make it absolutely magical with a pretty tea party inspired by an enchanted fairy garden!


1 Select your teas!

Go for herbal teas that reflect the fruity and floral tastes of a magical garden! One to try: Stash Organic Lavender Tulsi Herbal Tea, a blend of lavender, rose and peach. The Republic of Tea’s rich Spring Cherry Green Tea features peony flowers and cherry essence. For a light, refreshing tea, try Numi Organic Tea’s Honeybush—it’s naturally sweet and caffeine-free, so it’s perfect for younger sippers!

2 Add magical details!

Transform your table into a magical fairy garden—simply roll out a faux moss runner down the center of the table and dot the runner with inexpensiv­e faux Gerbera daisies. Add a few tea light candles to up the enchantmen­t: They’re even prettier when displayed in glass jars, which magnify their lovely glow. Finally, make each place setting extra-special with magical “fairy dust”! Just fill mini glass bottles with glitter and top with a cork. (You can find all your supplies in crafts stores.)

3 Make ’em smile with pretty sweets!

For a true showstoppe­r, wow guests with our fairy cottage cake on page 34! Looking for something a little simpler? Tiny premade petit fours go perfectly with tea— and with the party’s whimsical theme! Other easy options: Top storebough­t cupcakes with an edible flower—you can purchase premade sugared blooms by searching “edible flowers” on Fancyflour­s.com. Or make “fairy fruit wands”: Simply use a star-shaped cookie cutter to cut pieces of watermelon, pineapple or the fruit of your choice, then thread a few berries or grapes on a skewer and top with fruit star!

4 Get everyone’s creativity flowing!

Add some crafty fun to teatime that lets everyone tap in to their imaginatio­n and take home a sweet memento of the day! Two projects to try:

✤ Decorate-your- own “fairy houses”! Simply perch a mini wooden birdhouse next to each teacup—you can find them in crafts stores starting at $1. Then set out paint pens, colorful washi tape or whatever decoration­s you’d like!

✤ Floral fairy crowns! Gather grapevine wire, floral tape, scissors and flowers (real or faux work!). Cut the wire to fit around your head, twist ends together and secure with tape. Then simply arrange flowers into mini bouquets and attach to wire with tape, overlappin­g the bunches for a lush, lovely look!

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