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Get more from your credit cards!


1 Transfer balances now!

Due to an increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve, credit card interest rates are about to rise—making any balances you hold on them rise, too! To avoid having to pay off more interest, visit Nerdwallet.com and look for cards with balance transfer offers that have a 0% introducto­ry rate for the length of time you need to pay it off. For instance, the Citi Simplicity Mastercard has no annual fee and 0% interest on balance transfers for 21 months. There is a one-time 3% transfer fee, based on the amount you owe, but it will likely be hundreds less than what you’ll end up paying if you stay with the same card!

2 Read the fine print!

Points and rewards aren’t the only perks cards offer! Most come with moneysavin­g benefits you’re entitled to that you may be unaware of! For instance, your card might give you money back if a product goes on sale within 90 days of purchase, a free replacemen­t if your cellphone is lost and missed flight connection insurance when you travel! To find out all the benefits, visit your card company’s website or call a customer service rep!

3 Keep an eye out for bonus rewards!

Enjoy earning points from credit card purchases to redeem for gift cards, products, travel or cash back? Check the reward offers on your card company’s website regularly—most offer limitedtim­e bonus rewards, like double cash back on certain purchases and bigger discounts on merchandis­e you can redeem with your points!

4 Link your cards for extra discounts!

Using a credit card that offers you cash back is one way to save money when shopping. And so is linking your credit card to a website that offers additional cash back and coupons (such as Coupons.com/cardlinked-offers) or reward points (such as Fuelreward­s. com). Using your credit card to shop online? First visit a rebate website (such as Ebates.com and Mrrebates.com) or the shopping portal at your credit card company’s website—and you may qualify for cash back when you click through to online stores and make purchases!

Love the convenienc­e, points and rewards that come with using credit cards? Here are easy ways to get more from them!

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