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My Guardian Angel

When Woman’s World reader, Demita Dunn, of Massillon, Ohio, was hospitaliz­ed for open-heart surgery, an angel in white visited her, calming her fears! She writes:


I’d always been very healthy, so I was shocked and terrified when I began having chest pains and had to be rushed to the hospital! After running several tests, doctors told me I had four blockages, and would need immediate open-heart surgery!

I’m a devoted fan of Woman’s World and especially love the “My Guardian Angel” column. I have been inspired by the many stories from readers who have called upon the angels for help in difficult situations. So, while waiting for surgery, I said a prayer, asking the angels to help me get through the operation and have a full recovery.

Almost immediatel­y, a man wearing a white suit came into my room and introduced himself as my anesthesio­logist. His last name was long and very difficult to pronounce, and he said that everyone just called him Dr. B.

There was something very pleasant about this doctor, and talking with him seemed to calm my nerves.

As he was about to leave, Dr. B. held up three fingers and said: “One, two, three days, and you will be fine.”

A few minutes later, a nurse came into my room, and I mentioned that I’d just met my anesthesio­logist and that he was very nice. She appeared puzzled, and said the anesthesio­logist hadn’t yet made his rounds. I thought that was strange but I knew she had been very busy and thought she probably had just not noticed him.

But the following morning, I was visited by a young doctor who said he was going to be my anesthesio­logist during surgery. When I asked about Dr. B., he didn’t know who I was talking about. Yet, after surgery, when I awoke in the recovery room, Dr. B. was there at my bedside!

Again, I felt a sense of peace wash over me as he asked how I felt. I told him I had no pain, and he smiled, holding up three fingers saying, “One, two, three days, no more.”

Baffled and curious, I asked one of the nurses if she could find out who Dr. B. was and she said she would look him up in the directory. A short time passed, and upon returning to my room, she told me there were no doctors in the department with a last name beginning with B.

I realized then that the man in white had been my guardian angel.

Just as he predicted, three days after my surgery, I was released from the hospital! I went home confident that I would be just fine, knowing that Dr. B. would be watching over me.

“Demita certainly did meet her guardian angel, in her time of need for comfort and healing,” says Doreen Virtue, PH.D.

“How beautiful that Demita’s angel reassured her that her operation and recovery would go well! And by relaxing from the angel’s presence, Demita was able to recover more quickly than if she’d been stressed.

“We know that Dr. B. was an angel in disguise, because of the mysterious way that he appeared, how he knew the details of Demita’s case, and because there was no record of him at the hospital.

“Angels can take on temporary human form when they sense that we need to see, hear and feel their presence.

“The angels say, ‘We hold your hand through every troubling moment, and sometimes we reach out and do so with physical hands.’ ”

“When the nurse told me there was no Dr. B on staff, I knew he was my guardian angel,” Demita marvels

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