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The pizza topping that keeps you coming back for more reveals insights into more than your taste buds— it gives a glimpse into your psyche! Just pick your favorite topping to see what it says about you!

- —Hannah Chenoweth

If you prefer . . . Pepperoni: You’re a charmer!

Partial to pepperoni? Your preference for the most popular pizza party option reveals your infectious sense of fun. Just as pepperoni has a little kick of spice, your saucy vivaciousn­ess ensures there’s never a dull moment when you’re around!

Sausage or meat-lover’s: You’re a sassy leader!

Gravitatin­g toward flavorful sausage pizza is a sure sign of your bold personalit­y—and innate ability to lead. Full of energy and enterprise, you’re a pro at taking the reins and seeing any project through to perfection. And your powerful mix of ambition and confidence guarantees you relish the spotlight!

Margherita: You’re a sophistica­te!

The allure of margherita is its subtlety: Less is more. Just a hint of fresh basil and juicy tomato make this pizza a classic, similar to your own sophistica­ted and understate­d charm. You exude a quiet confidence that draws others in—and a vibrant mental agility lies beneath your calm exterior.

Veggie: You’re a grounded sage!

Leaning toward healthy toppings like onions, mushrooms and peppers shows that you’re just as grounded and earthy as the veggies you pile on your pizza! Serene and self-confident, your ability to remain calm in the face of challenges makes you a stabilizin­g force both at home and in the workplace. You don’t deny yourself indulgent pleasures like pizza, yet your conscienti­ousness indicates a balanced attitude toward food and life.

Just cheese: You’re a happy optimist!

Saying, “Cheese, please!” means you appreciate simple pleasures. You light up every room with your buoyant energy and don’t need any fancy frills to be satisfied. Loving and light-hearted, you exude genuine optimism that wins smiles from everyone you meet. Just as cheese pizza is universall­y loved, you’d be hard-pressed to find a soul who doesn’t adore you!

Pineapple: You’re a free-spirited innovator!

Can’t resist the unique flavor pairing of sweet pineapple and saucy marinara? A craving for this sweet-savory choice reveals you’re just as one-of-a-kind and irresistib­le. Putting tropical fruit on your pie is proof of the inventive spark within you!

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