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Lose 21 lbs in 21 days!

LOSE 20 LBS in 21days eating breakthrou­gh burgers that


D r. Oz is buzzing about a breakthrou­gh new way to get lean. And with good reason. Folks are speeding off flab— some even losing massive amounts of it—and setting themselves up to live longer and far healthier lives. The secret? Switching to “primarily plant-based protein with limited meat,” the doc recently revealed. “Science is now saying that people who eat this way lose more weight, feel more energized and reduce their risk for chronic disease.” And, not to worry, you don’t eat salad at every meal. You don’t even have to give up cheeseburg­ers! The goal is simply to get a majority of your protein from sources like beans, seeds, soy and quinoa—which means enjoying a couple of meaty or cheesy meals a week is totally fine. Best of all: Women road-testing this new strategy have shed up to 20 pounds in 21 days. “Plant-based protein,” Dr. Oz declared, “is the breakthrou­gh you need in 2017 to transform the way you eat, look and feel!”

Make it work for you!

There’s no wrong way to get more plant protein. If baby steps are your thing, check out the chart, right, and gradually incorporat­e more plant-protein-rich foods into your menus. Prefer to whisk off weight at top-speed? Dr. Oz and other experts say the secret is eating plant foods about 90% of the time, emphasizin­g minimally processed and protein-packed options. To make it easy for you, we’ve created the no-stress plan on these pages. We even loaded it with quick and fun options—like soy lattes, plant-based burgers and creamy pasta!

Why plant protein slims

Key ways that plant protein works magic:

● It makes your thyroid happy. When you get most of your protein from plants, “it’s a complete nutritiona­l reset that restores your metabolism,” said Dr. Oz. Research backs him up. One study found that plant-based dieters experience­d up to a 16% surge in metabolism and lost 50% more weight than traditiona­l dieters. A likely reason: Animal foods tend to cause a type of inflammati­on that stalls our thyroids—aka our “metabolism glands.” Me a nwh il e , “compou nd s in plant foods help relieve that inflammati­on,” says University of South Carolina nutrition researcher Brie Turner-mcgrievy, PH.D. Basically, plant protein helps set your thyroid and metabolism free! It revs “skinny” bacteria. Harvard research shows that animal foods feed bacteria in our digestive tracts linked to obesity and health problems. Meanwhile, plant foods were found to do the opposite—feeding bacteria that help keep us effortless­ly lean. “I like to call them the skinny bacteria,” Dr. Oz said. “They’re one of the reasons that people who are thin tend to stay thin!” ● It fakes weight-loss surgery. Per 200-calorie serving, steak and soy provide about the same amount of protein—but you get roughly double the volume of food and a bonus 9 g. of fiber from soy. The difference is so dramatic, “it’s basically like having gastric bypass surgery,” said Dr. Oz. “It fills you up so much, it’s as though I’d stapled your stomach!”

Real-world success!

After reading that hormones in animal protein could worsen her PCOS symptoms, Virginia educator Querida Lugo, 34, switched to plant protein. “I lost 40 pounds! That’s more than I lost on Weight Watchers—and I didn’t have to measure or track anything.” Meanwhile, Florida’s Ashley Romano experiment­ed with eating more plant

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