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of us look at our cell­phones 46 times a day— and spend 10 hours daily ogling the blue light-emit­ting screens on our com­put­ers and tablets. Not only does that dis­rupt sleep, it can also strain our eyes! In fact, as many as 90% of us have at least one symp­tom of com­puter vi­sion syn­drome (CVS), such as dry eyes, red­ness, blurred vi­sion or headache. For­tu­nately, CVS is 100% treat­able— and, bet­ter yet, 100% pre­ventable! The keys: ● Fit­ting in blink breaks The eas­i­est way to ease CVS is to blink more. ”Blink­ing spreads tears over the front of our eyes to keep them moist,” says Sacra­mento, Cal­i­for­nia, op­tometrist Heidi Pham-mur­phy, O.D. “When we don’t blink enough, our eyes dry out and feel ir­ri­tated,” Her ad­vice: Pause ev­ery 20 min­utes to look 20 feet away for 20 sec­onds— and blink! Shield­ing your eyes with a sup­ple­ment Sim­ply tak­ing a daily sup­ple­ment con­tain­ing lutein, zeax­an­thin and mesozeax­an­thin can re­duce dig­i­tal eye strain and eye fa­tigue al­most 30% within three months, a new Univer­sity of Ge­or­gia study sug­gests. “These nu­tri­ents are di­rectly de­posited in the retina of our eyes to nour­ish them,” ex­plains study au­thor James String­ham, Ph. D. One op­tion: Oc­cu­guard Blutein by Twin­lab ($26.99 for 30 cap­sules, Vi­ta­min­ ● Eas­ing symp­toms with flax In a re­cent study, 85% of folks who took 2,000 mg. daily of flaxseed oil re­ported fewer CVS symp­toms within two weeks. “Flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help cool in­flam­ma­tion in the eyes that causes dry­ness and ir­ri­ta­tion,” says Pham-mur­phy.

Heal­ing with eye drops The Amer­i­can Jour­nal of Oph

thal­mol­ogy re­ports that OTC eye drops con­tain­ing vi­ta­min A ease dry eye as ef­fec­tively as more ex­pen­sive pre­scrip­tion drops. One op­tion: RNA Lubri­sine Eye Drops ($12.99,

Chang­ing your lenses Ask your eye doc­tor about eye­glass lenses that fil­ter out blue light. “They have lit­tle to no tint and min­i­mize blue light ex­po­sure through­out the day by im­prov­ing con­trast,” Pham-mur­phy says. “There are also apps and fil­ters avail­able that de­crease the amount of light re­flected from the screen.” (Check out­ucts.)

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