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Lose 10 lbs in 5 days!

“It’s about when you eat—not what you eat. When you eat,” Dr. Oz ex­plained. “You’re not count­ing calo­ries, you’re count­ing hours.” You can even stick to your nor­mal foods as long as you en­joy them

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When it comes to turn­ing sci­ence­lab find­ings into prac­ti­cal diet ad­vice, no one does it quite like Dr. Oz. And his lat­est real-world strat­egy— an in­cred­i­bly simple and flex­i­ble “mini diet”— cer­tainly im­presses. “It’s a big, break­through idea,” he re­cently re­vealed. “Get the weight-loss re­sults you dream about with­out hav­ing to go hun­gry.” How is that even pos­si­ble? It starts with ex­cit­ing re­search from places like LSU’S Pennington Biomed­i­cal Re­search Cen­ter and the Univer­sity of Ho­hen­heim in Ger­many, where teams have been test­ing an in­no­va­tive way to trick our bod­ies into burn­ing fat faster. The gist: You eat un­lim­ited por­tions dur­ing an eighthour win­dow. In other words, “the first meal is at 11 a.m.,” Dr. Oz ex­plained. And be­tween 6 and 7 p.m., “you’re go­ing to have your last meal.” That’s all there is to it. Ex­perts say this works with the body’s nat­u­ral rhythms so well, it shrinks ap­petite and nearly dou­bles fat loss. Or as Dr. Oz put it: “Small changes with big re­sults!”

So far, folks re­port that sim­ply by lim­it­ing their eat­ing to an eighthour win­dow each day, they can en­joy what­ever they want and still drop up to 20 pounds in 14 days. How much can you lose? Here’s ev­ery­thing you need to know to find out . . .

Your quick-start guide ● The ba­sic tim­ing trick

in a sin­gle eight-hour pe­riod. Dr. Oz rec­om­mends an 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. win­dow, but stud­ies show any eight-hour win­dow can be ef­fec­tive, so choose one that suits your sched­ule best—per­haps 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. for early birds or 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. for night owls.

● Why fat burn­ing soars

Ac­cord­ing to NIH nu­tri­tion ex­pert Mark Matt­son, PH.D., 10-12 hours must pass af­ter our last meal be­fore our bod­ies start burn­ing stored fat for en­ergy. But once that hap­pens, we keep burn­ing fat un­til we eat again. On a mini diet— which stretches out the pe­riod be­tween din­ner and break­fast con­sid­er­ably— you’ll be burn­ing fat for “up to six hours each day,” far more than the norm, he says. And not only is this trick safe, Matt­son’s re­search sug­gests it can help us live longer. Why? For most of hu­man ex­is­tence, food was hard to come by, and our bod­ies seem to have adapted so that we thrive—be­com­ing stronger, more en­er­gized and primed for ro­bust sur­vival—when we go longer pe­ri­ods with­out eat­ing. In fact, an eight-hour win­dow has been shown to op­ti­mize lev­els of many hor­mones—in­clud­ing fat­stor­ing in­sulin and ap­petite-sup­press­ing lep­tin. Mini di­ets have even been shown to spike metabolism-boost­ing hu­man growth hor­mone as much as 1,300%! So it’s no won­der a Euro­pean study found that eight-hour di­eters lose about 100% more weight than di­eters get­ting the ex­act same calo­ries spread through­out the day.

Dr. Oz’s tur­bocharg­ing jump­start

To help folks take mini di­et­ing to the next level, Dr. Oz called on mini-diet ex­pert Kellyann Petrucci,

N.D. The pair came up with a spe­cial jump­start plan, one em­pha­siz­ing healthy foods that en­hance the ben­e­fits of eight-hour eat­ing. “You’ll fill up on metabolism-revving pro­tein, hunger-killing healthy fats and healthy carbs that pro­vide a lot of nu­tri­ents with­out trig­ger­ing fat­ten­ing spikes in blood sugar and in­sulin,” ex­plains Dr. Kellyann, who has seen women whisk off up to 10 pounds in five days us­ing the tech­nique. “Peo­ple are dis­cov­er­ing the five days are far eas­ier than ex­pected— and the re­sults are amaz­ing!”

● Real-world wow

A mini-diet strat­egy will of­ten work when ev­ery­thing else fails, say pros. One par­tic­u­larly hope­less wo­man tried Dr. Oz’s tur­bocharged jump­start and found it “was the an­swer to all of her prayers,” he said. Dr. Kellyann says she’s had mini-di­eters shed up to 150 pounds af­ter count­less other plans made no dif­fer­ence. And Dr. Oz re­cently in­vited Cana­dian talk-show host Mar­i­lyn De­nis on his show once he learned she’d be­come a mini-di­eter. Mar­i­lyn, 59, shrunk her nor­mal eat­ing win­dow by clos­ing her kitchen strictly at 7 p.m. each day. And while it took a while for her metabolism to re­spond, once the pounds started melt­ing, they didn’t stop. “All of a sud­den, it will come off!” she re­vealed. Mar­i­lyn shed 30 pounds. Says Dr. Kellyann: “Even post­menopausal women who strug­gle to lose an ounce on con­ven­tional di­ets can lose up to a pound a day this way!”

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