Have Fun with Kids!

The kids will have a blast craft­ing their own Dasher, Dancer or Rudolph out of cozy socks—no sewing re­quired!

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What you’ll need for a pair

❏ Pair of adult size fuzzy brown socks

❏ 2 (3") Sty­ro­foam™ balls

❏ Fiber­fill stuff­ing

❏ API Crafter’s Pick Fab­ric Glue

❏ About 24" each of two 5/8"-7/8" hol­i­day rib­bons

❏ 2 (1/2") jin­gle bells

❏ Heavy thread

❏ About 6"x7" tan felt; white scrap

❏ 12 mm wig­gle eyes

❏ Red chalk or blush

❏ Black cord scrap

❏ 1/2" pom­poms, red and black

❏ 2 black and/or brown che­nille stems


Your child cuts socks be­low heel, about 9" from toe. She pushes a ball into each toe, stuffs the rest of socks with fiber­fill. She glues ends closed, then, ties rib­bon around necks and uses thread to tie a bell to each knot.


En­large pat­tern at 400%, then 180%. Your child cuts 4 ovals from tan felt. She also cuts 4 (1" wide, 1 1/2" high) tan and 4 (1/2" wide, 1” high) tri­an­gu­lar outer and in­ner ears, curv­ing the sides. She glues one oval to each rein­deer tummy, one across its base. She glues white in­ner ears to tan outer ears, pinches and glues at bot­tom, glues on. She adds eyes, pom­pom noses and black cord mouths; chalks cheeks.


Your child cuts che­nille stems in half, bends into antler shape, dots glue on the bot­tom, then pokes antlers into heads.

De­sign: Linda Valentino (Linda-valentino.com). Photos: Cathy Olivucci/hbb; Age Fo­to­stock. Crafter’s Pick: Crafter­spick.com or 510-526-7616. Sty­ro­foam™ Brand foam is sold in crafts stores and crafts de­part­ments na­tion­wide, fab­ri­cated by Flo­racraft.

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