7 Days of In­spi­ra­tion

Take one a day . . . and feel great all week! DAY 1 When Woman’s World reader Sheri Heb­d­ing, of Plain­field, Illi­nois, asked the an­gels to help heal her heart, they sent her a very unique gift. She writes: y cat, Cookie, was the most lov­able fe­line. She ha

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Cau­tiously, I peered be­hind the shrub­bery and was sur­prised to find the most beau­ti­ful cat star­ing straight into my eyes!

We’d lived on this prop­erty for over a decade and had never seen a stray cat. There have been deer and coy­otes, but never a cat. I ex­pected him to dis­ap­pear into the thick brush when I ap­proached, but he just sat there as if he’d been wait­ing for me!

He was shy and timid, but af­ter some gen­tle coax­ing with food, he al­lowed me to pet him and even­tu­ally take him in­side the house.

Over the next cou­ple of days, I checked with my neigh­bors, but no one had lost a cat. I took him to see the vet, who told me that he had not been mi­croc h ipp e d . So I told the lit­tle guy he was wel­come to stay with me.

When my daugh­ter came by, she took some pic­tures of my new friend. And as we looked at them, we were both stunned when, in one of the pho­tos, we saw a beau­ti­ful ray of light shin­ing straight down on him! It took my breath away when I saw it, for I knew at that mo­ment this cat was a gift from my mom in Heaven, sent to help heal my heart.

I named him An­gel, and even now I still find his purr-fectly timed ar­rival to be amaz­ing. The ex­pe­ri­ence made me truly be­lieve that when your heart is re­ally hurt­ing, and you ask the an­gels for help, they will an­swer.

“Some an­gels have four legs and fur!” mar­vels Doreen Virtue, PH.D. “How beau­ti­ful that the an­gels sent Sheri a lov­ing com­pan­ion to help

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