Lose 9 lbs a week with­out giv­ing up carbs!

Eat low-carb dur­ing the day, in­dulge your crav­ings for starch and sweets at night— W

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hile search­ing for a hol­i­dayfriendly diet strat­egy, we were blown away by one that 170-pounds-slimmer Elizabeth Ben­ton shared with us. The gist: Stick to mostly nat­u­ral, low-carb foods dur­ing the day and then treat your­self to the carbs you crave each evening. “I was obese and failed at diet af­ter diet un­til I started eat­ing my carbs at night,’” re­veals the Mas­sachusetts blog­ger, 34, a vo­ra­cious reader who hit on the idea while por­ing over science jour­nals. “I found stud­ies that seemed to say our nat­u­ral hor­monal rhythms help us han­dle carbs bet­ter at the end of the day. It made sense to me, so I de­cided to ex­per­i­ment.” Al­ready eat­ing healthy fare, she shifted most of her carbs to din­ner. “I sud­denly had a lot more en­ergy and a lot less hunger. Plus, I could have the foods I love”— ev­ery­thing from fruit and sweet pota­toes to na­chos— “while still los­ing fat!”

As Elizabeth steadily melted from a size 24 to a 10, she started coach­ing other women. They’ve had amaz­ing re­sults, too, shed­ding 25, 50, 75 pounds or more. Could a “carbs at night” ap­proach work for you? We asked ex­perts, and their an­swer was a re­sound­ing yes. Ac­cord­ing to Zecharia Madar, PH.D., who has con­ducted “night carb” stud­ies at Is­rael’s He­brew Uni­ver­sity, “at first, dieters are ex­cited to hear what they get to eat— things like bread, rice, pasta, cook­ies, ice cream.” But then, af­ter whisk­ing off as much as 50 pounds in six months, “they’re even more ex­cited by the re­sults!” Per­haps best of all, get­ting started is easy . . . and healthy fat— each night while still shed­ding an im­pres­sive amount of weight!

● Why it slims

Years ago, Madar was an­a­lyz­ing re­search on a re­li­gious group that fasts un­til sun­down and then feasts on a carb-heavy din­ner; he no­ticed that this eat­ing pat­tern trig­gered po­ten­tially slim­ming shifts in their hor­monal pat­terns. Won­der­ing if it might work for those of us who aren’t fast­ing, he re­cruited vol­un­teers to find out. The re­sult? Test sub­jects who ate carbs only at night ex­pe­ri­enced a surge in anti-hunger hor­mones and an uptick in hor­mones that speed me­tab­o­lism. Plus, their blood sugar was el­e­vated only once daily, which meant they pro­duced far less of the hor­mone in­sulin— a good thing since in­sulin

Elizabeth lost 170 lbs!

As her weight soared over 350 pounds, Elizabeth Ben­ton went on end­less di­ets. “I’d lose weight but al­ways put it back on,” she re­calls. Even­tu­ally, she tried a no­pro­cessed-foods ap­proach em­pha­siz­ing pro­tein, pro­duce and nat­u­ral fat. She loved the idea but still strug­gled with hunger and crav­ings—un­til she dis­cov­ered the “night carb” trick. Shift­ing her fruit and starch to din­ner, ev­ery­thing clicked. The strat­egy al­lowed the Pri­malpo­ten­tial.com blog­ger to have a nightly serv­ing of carbs—usu­ally a healthy op­tion but some­times even cake and ice cream—while steadily shed­ding 170 pounds. “I have no hunger, amaz­ing en­ergy. And I never feel de­prived of any­thing!” “Just have the real thing. You end up eat­ing less and feel­ing more sat­is­fied!”

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