Cure headaches with spinach!

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Headaches are one of our most com­mon health com­plaints. In fact, we’re twice as likely as men to have them fre­quently as we age. For­tu­nately, keep­ing the throb­bing at bay can be as easy as: Hav­ing a side of spinach! Prone to mi­graines? Mag­ne­sium-packed spinach can help! A re­cent study found that get­ting 600 mg. of the min­eral daily cuts mi­graine at­tacks more that 41%. “A pow­er­ful nat­u­ral rem­edy, it blocks pain sig­nals from spread­ing across the brain and am­pli­fy­ing or pro­long­ing mi­graines,” says Mon­te­fiore Headache Cen­ter neu­rol­o­gist Cyn­thia E. Ar­mand, M. D. And two cups of cooked spinach daily pro­vides 80% of your RDA for mag­ne­sium. Other top sources: pump­kin seeds and black beans.

Nix­ing pain with cof­fee! Feel a headache com­ing on? Sip a cup of strong caf­feinated cof­fee. Caf­feine blocks brain re­cep­tors that cause blood ves­sels to widen too much and cause pain, says Traci Stein, Ph. D., au­thor of The Every­thing Guide to In­te­gra­tive Pain Man­age­ment. But stick to one cup a day: Too much cof­fee can worsen— even cause—a headache! “Once you be­come hooked on caf­feine, your body sig­nals with a headache for you to give it

more,” ex­plains Dr. Ar­mand. Ko­ing ten­sion with pep­per­mint oil! Rub­bing pep­per­mint oil along your hair­line re­laxes face and neck mus­cles, eas­ing ten­sion headaches as ef­fec­tively as two ex­tra-strength Tylenol tablets! “Thanks goes to its abil­ity to af­fect blood flow and cre­ate a sense of calm,” says Dr. Ar­mand. Just place a few drops of di­luted pep­per­mint oil on your fin­ger­tips, then rub gen­tly in a cir­cu­lar mo­tion on your tem­ples and fore­head for a few min­utes. (Al­ways di­lute the oil; it may cause ir­ri­ta­tion if used directly on the skin.) Tap­ping the power of H2O! “One of the most po­tent headache trig­gers we know of is de­hy­dra­tion,” says Dr. Ar­mand. No won­der sip­ping a cup of wa­ter can al­le­vi­ate 65% of headaches within 30 min­utes, ac­cord­ing the jour­nal

Headache. To pre­vent them, sip a glass first thing in the morn­ing, a glass with each meal or snack and a glass an hour be­fore bed. Avoid­ing eye­strain by shad­ing your eyes! Bright light can lead to squint­ing, eye strain and, con­se­quently, a headache. If you sus­pect you have light-trig­gered headaches, wear sun­glasses out­doors and blue­light- fil­ter­ing glasses (such as Shielded Anti Blue Light Fil­ter Glasses, $12.99, Ama­ when us­ing your com­puter, tablet or smart­phone .—

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